Competent Authority Dissolved
The post of Competent authority appointed for the supervision of media activities to ensure free and fair election campaigning had been eliminated by Election Commissioner Dayananda Dissanayaka. The measure had been taken this afternoon after the observance of the inefficiency and the indifference shown by Media towards the Official regulations implemented by Competent Authority.

Election commissioner had appointed the position as a restraint to the misuse of Media, especially the State regulated institutions, in Election Promotions. He had earlier requested the parties of the selective candidates to initiate action against violation of media rights in the upcoming election. It was evident that strict laws were necessary to maintain media integrity which succeed in appointing Competent authority to oversee the Media campaigning in Election promotions.

The nonchalant continuation of Media abuse, despite the strict regulations from the Competent Authority as well as the neglect of Supreme Court orders to carry impartial election campaigning, have led to the dissolution of the post of Competent Authority.