Registrations of Political Parties Cancelled
According to Election commissioner’s dept the registration of many political parties have got cancelled according to the new election amendments act the registration of many political parties have got cancelled.

There are 65 registered political parties and the election Commissioner’s office is now carrying out the cancellation of some of these parties according to certain regulations in the elections act.

According to the new act on registration of political parties, applications cannot be made to register new parties at random and only in January applications for this purpose would be called. The new political parties cannot be registered until January next year with the gazette announcement of new regulations in this regard on the 24th of October.

The application forwarded by JVP MP Lakshman Nipunarachchi had been turned down by the commissioner, while adding that this application can be made again in January when the Dept call for such applications in January as specified by the new amendment.

It is reported that the JVP was planning to register this new party for the common candidate of the opposition to contest the coming presidential elections.