Pranabís visit to Colombo
India’s Union Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee is likely to visit the Island for a two day trip to discuss the brewing up of controversies in the political arena of Sri Lanka.

India has claimed to keep a watchful eye on the proceedings of the recent Sri Lankan political developments.

India's 'News Today' reported that issues such as the alleged approach of Fonseka to the field of politics and the  attack on fisherman by the Lankan Navy as well as the IDP problems in the North and east is to be discussed in his visit to the country.

He will be flying to Sri Lanka probably on Saturday. Pranab’s second visit to the country will help the Governments of India and Sri Lanka to immerge negotiations from the political and economical fields. The Indian Minister’s first visit happened about ten months back as external affairs minister, when the nation was raging with the decisive war against the LTTE.