“I can come to the Road” - Minister Douglas D
I am able to come to the road safely and have discussions with the people after Prabhakaran is dead pointed out Douglas Devananda minister of social services and social development.

He says now he meets people and is able to solve their problems. We are helping the people to get rights and live freely in the society he said.

Minister pointed out that if any delay is caused to find a political solution the war that ended would become useless and the problem would travel in another direction pointed to the minister at the EPDP office when the special meeting with the deputy minister achchidanandhan took place.

The Social Service and Welfare Minister Douglas Devananda has also met 3800 refugees at Thuraiappah play ground, those who were taken to Jaffna from Vavuniya for resettlement. The Ministry revealed that the minister has given 5000 rupees for each family and promised to give assistance for their needs. Devananda said only getting together we can avoid wrong political leaderships.