UNP should explain granting sovereignty to LTTE –Minister Anura Yapa
Quoting a confidential document issued by the LTTE in 2007 and recently obtained by the government, Cabinet Spokesman, Media and Information Minister Anura Priyadharshana Yapa accused the main opposition UNP of having granted sovereignty to the LTTE terrorists in the North East through the CFA Agreement signed in 2002.

Addressing the weekly news briefings at the Information Department auditorium the minister said a new set of patriots are preaching new concepts on the victory over terrorism while showing a false love for the IDPs in the north.

The government yesterday while coming down hard on the main opposition UNP over the recent statements made by them, particularly about the CFA, they said the LTTE had in this document, presently in the custody of the government, accepted that they had indeed benefited immensely from the so called Cease Fire Agreement (CFA) while the rest of the country suffered dearly.

The document, commenting on the CFA, goes on to say that “It (the CFA) recognized Eelam’s de facto existence with its unique characteristics: a distinct population, a government comprising a defense force, a police force, a judiciary, a civil administration and other institutions for effective governance as a separate entity with the capability of entering into agreements with other governments with a line of control reflecting the ground reality of the existence of a Tamil homeland, demarcated with recognized borders.