Fake facebook profile menace in Sri Lanka
Be careful of who you add on facebook

According to intelligence reports, a massive fake facebook scam is underway by certain individuals to collect personal photos and information of people for commercial and other purposes. This is the latest Internet scam that is common in Colombo and Kandy areas.
Most of these fake facebook profiles are portraying themselves as attractive women to lure young men and women. In most cases, naïve facebook users add them thus endangering all their private information. If you suspect a fake facebook profile, please report it to facebook using “report this person” button. It may only take seconds  to report such fake profiles but it will save your and others privacy and security.

How to identify a fake profile

1)      Many wall messages in the fake profile claiming “ thanks for the add”

2)      Fake profiles usually have one or two profile photos

3)      A fake profile photo is usually of a very attractive female/male

4)      Fake profiles have sexual overtones all over