Ampara Muslim village under threat again
SLMC General Secretary and Parliamentarian Mr. Hasen Ali in a complaint made recently to the Government Agent stating that recent attempts at putting up fences in the Muslim majority village of Kuduwil situated in the Irakkamam in  Ampara district by wildlife officials has created a sense of fear amongst the villagers again.
He urged the GA to immediately stop this action by the relevant officials.
The Wild life officials said the fencing is to prevent wild elephants from entering the village from the Deegavapi jungles. The officials are currently engaged in the act of putting up fences in a land area used by the villagers as the main burial grounds and which was acquired after much struggle and effort by the villagers. Mr. Ali says Kuduwil is situated between Irakkamam and Addalaichenai and is not connected to Deegavapi in anyway.