Massive fortune available  for war-raped Wanni

Realizable if there is courage to say "Open sesame" to the Diaspora hoarders

By Karthika Gnanachandran

Toronto’s notorious communication lie factory Canadian Multicultural Radio (CMR) in its morning news service Thursday December 9 quoted TNA Member of Parliament Sivasakthy Anantham and said that the Wanni people were not even left with a nammoty as if this is news that has hitherto been unknown.

Mr Anantham should have known this long ago being a member from the Vavuniya district. Wanni farmers were equipped with dummy guns for training purposes of providing human shields for the LTTE and the metal part of the mammoty went for other obvious use.

In the well-known story of Alibaba and Forty Thieves massive fortune was stacked up in a cave by a band of thieves who committed untold pillage and plunder and all the attendant evils connected to such evils. The story of the LTTE is the modern version of it but a real one.

Here in Canada especially in Toronto several such caves developed from 1983 onwards under cover of freedom struggle for the Tamils in Sri Lanka

Generous federal and provincial governments concerned about the rights and needs of Tamils poured a lot of funds to help them get settled down in the country as part of its multi-cultural ideals.

While thousands benefited, the LTTE committed to armed struggle saw an opportunity to enrich itself on

Canadian funds. Sadly it was obvious the Canadian officials turned a blind eye.

But for their failure and inadequacy such organizations as the Tamil Eelam Society, World Tamil Movement (WTM) and the Tamils Rehabilitation Organization (TRO) would never have taken roots. These were the main caves and funds from these have helped the real estate industry among the Tamils with handsome dividends to the agents. This became the most sought after profession among the Tamil Diaspora.

This was possible because an LTTE Underworld was developing in Canada. Apart from the main treasure caves there developed many smaller ones who teamed together as the Federation of Associations of Canadian Tamils (FACT).

There were even smaller cowboy cages all out to make hay for themselves all of them professing support for armed struggle to achieve Eelam

Nobody could challenge those people unless they were willing to face terrible consequences mostly affecting their relatives and dear ones in Sri Lanka.

This was the time the Tigers were riding mighty high and their ferocity even to wipe out their own was grossly misconceived. Prabakaran wanted total control and his agents in countries like Canada were a rule unto themselves. Prabakaran wanted a safe haven and he hijacked the country’s most agriculturally productive area, the Wanni.

He also knew that the elite Tamils of Jaffna and Colombo will not stand up for the people of the Wanni which is even today evident.  He militarized the area totally even to the extent of planning attacks on India. The assassination of the Indian leader Rajiv Gandhi was evidently planned in his bunker thirty two feet deep. A regular visitor at that time was trouble maker from Tamilnadu, Vaiko alias Gopalaswamy to whom racial violence is music to his heart.

This was the time the rape of the Wanni was in progress and Prabakaran’s agents conducted themselves like a fox in a chicken farm; not even the chicks were spared.

In a region where farmers were kings and agricultural activity prevailed and the sounds were moos, bleats and cackles as well as agricultural machinery traditional and   modern, guns and all kinds of arms took over and trigger-happy Tiger terrorists rode reigned rudely supreme.

Even the handiest of the agricultural implements, the mammoty disappeared for the use of the terrorists. Even Wanni’s elders were forced into military service of own kind or other. Within a short period of time the entire region of the Wanni was devastated and in the final run up when the Tigers literally fled and nearly all of their leaders to their doom, the inevitable consequences of taking up arms without mass support should have become clear. Terror was used to terrorise the people into subjugation.

Now two years had gone past, a the TNA Member of Parliament Sivasakthy Anantham has realized there are no more mammoties in the Wanni. It has taken him two years to understand this truth though he is from Vavuniya.

The Canadian Multicultural Radio (CMR) founded with an initial investment of $250,000 from the banned World Tamil Movement announced Sivasakthy Anantham’s concern about mammoties.  

Recently just prior to the visit of three TNA MPs to Toronto a number of self-acclaimed leaders of the Diaspora who were keen to seek accreditations for them, the former head of the TRO spoke about its treasure cave.

He said out of $116,000, when a speculation of theirs failed they lost $60,000 It was known as Project T Dot Junctions which was to be a mall on the Warden-Eglinton Junction. On checking it was found not even a mammoty was there to cut a piece of foundation. What did really happen to the $60,000? Such disappearances have been too many and these are funds pillaged out of the people and there those who think the Diaspora can be continued to be plundered.

It is time the Diaspora begins to ask questions and bring out the millions lying in various caves, the small ones and the big ones.

MP Sivasakthy Anantham may just be satisfied with mammoties for the Wanni people but they need a lot, lot more because LTTE has caused their total devastation and destruction directly and indirectly.

No one can deny the millions in Diaspora hands, individuals and groups, a good lot of these have been invested in real estate and business ventures.

These funds must go to the Wanni. If the Diaspora is really interested in helping to achieve peace, reconciliation and development in Sri Lanka, the Wanni must be helped to rise again.

Finally a note on the CMR. It may bring immense income to its owners especially through investments, most of which were public funds, but its affinity to lie and misreport perhaps hoping to build up another armed struggle in Sri Lanka must come to an end. They are vulnerable to exposure. There is hope for peace, reconciliation and development in our homeland and we have to pursue this in great earnest.