Are the kidnappers from LTTE Hit Gang ?

The German police have arrested three Sri Lankans aged 25, 31 and 33 who arr suspected to have robed and kidnapped another Sri Lankan aged 42, on the 15th of November. The accused are in imprisonment on remand.

The reasons are still not very clear to the police. A witness has seen how the victim was assaulted early morning hours and pushed in to a blue car alarmed the police. But now it has come to light that the victim has not made a complaint to the police about the Hijacking. When detectives visited him later , the victim gave only "very vague informations". According to the victim, the hijackers had abducted him in his car to Stuttgart-Vaihingen, beaten him up severely and left him tied with a rope. The man freed himself and drove his car own car back to Mühlstreet where he ran into the hands of the detectives who cordoned off the place.

The police spokesman Uwe Vincon says: „The people who are held under suspicion are either not speaking about the deed or they say that they are not guilty. A money matter could be the motive". With the bank-card of the victim, one accused has tried to withdraw money from the victim’s bank account unlawfully and the card has been seized automatically. Because of the involved car, the detectives were able to track the whereabouts of the other three men. They are not from the region of Stuttgart. One man under suspicion is living in Frankfurt, the second in Berlin and the third is from the region of Ravensburg. But totally five persons have been involved in the incident. Uwe Vincon says: "We hope very much to identify the two suspects and arrest them too."

Although German police considers such incidents as normal hijacking for money, it is well known among the Sri Lankan tamil diaspora, that LTTE money collector gangs still operate across Europe. In many cases the attackers come from different cities. The vanish without a trace in most cases after their job is done. There have been number of such cases in Germany in the past, where the victims never go to police in fear of black clash.