Eliya Children's Home gets German Sponsorship

The Diplomatic Council has taken over the sponsorship for the Eliya Home for Parent less Children in Sri Lanka.

Because of the former unrest and outrages done by the terrorist organisation of the Tamil Tigers many children – especially in the North of Sri Lanka – had lost their parents. Without relatives and traumatised because of the former war, and often also mentally and physically disabled, these children were very much in need of a dignified home.

In the face of this misery Angelika Riedlinger,from Germany, began in 2010 with the establishing of the Eliya Home for Parent less Children. At first, it was designed for 30 children without parents. Foremost it was designed to give help to enable it that the people can later on help themselves: The children should learn who to become the masters of their lives in spite of all the hardships.

Angelika Riedlinger is a medical assistant and a children's nurse by profession. At the age of 24, she worked at the Scheer Memorial Hospital in Nepal. Later she worked the country director for ADRA in India.In 2005, ADRA sent her to Sri Lanka to help the victims of the tsunami catastrophe. In 2007, she returned to Germany and started the Eliya Home for Parent less Children in 2010.

Diplomatic Council is helping a project that is an example for the way, in which courageous people with their little means help to make the world a little bit better.

Read more about Eliya Home www.eliya-kinderheim-srilanka.com