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Thursday, 18 October 2018
Thursday, 18 October 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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Tamil Buddhists are visiting Naga Temple
Chief Incumbent of the Naga Temple in Jaffna Ven Migahajadure Siriwimala thero said at the press conference of the Sri Lanka Buddhist Congress that because of terrorism the Tamil Buddhists in Jaffna could not be accessed, but now because of peaceful environment in the country, these Tamil Buddhists have started coming back to the Naga Temple like in the past.
President of the All Ceylon Buddhist Congress Jagath Sumathipala stated the following.
Getting down Moon’s Men
The announcement that three member panel of experts, appointed by Ban Ki Moon, UN Secretary General to give him advice over the alleged war crime charges committed in Sri Lanka during the last phase of war, is expected to come to Sri Lanka, has caused furor in the political circle.
Are tamil politicians trying to establish Tamil Homeland ?
Dr. Gunadasa Amarasekara, President of the national Patriotic movement, stated at a press conference yesterday that the Tamil racist politicians are now trying to re-establish the Tamil homeland concept once again by cunning re-acquiring the land of north and east. He also said the following.
Pursuit of Peace in Sri Lanka: Lessons learnt and unlearnt

By Victor Karunairajan

Buddhism, the great religious faith continues to be raped and abused by some of its politically biased advocates giving the lie away that they have not understood, let alone appreciated the teachings of the Great Master.

Moon’s Committee already prejudiced on SL War Crimes
It is reported that the special advisory panel appointed by UN Gen secretary Ban Ki Moon to investigate war crimes in Sri Lanka, are actually coming here with the foregone conclusion that war crimes have actually taken place.
“SL should conduct a systematic inquiry” - British foreign secretariat.
The British Foreign secretariat says that Sri Lanka govt should carry out a systematic investigation in to the allegations of human rights violations and war crimes.

Water Board to become a Company
The Trade Union federation of the National Water Supply and Drainage board says that arrangements are being made to convert the Water Board in to a limited liability company named Lanka Water Services Pvt Ltd.
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