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Thursday, 18 October 2018
Thursday, 18 October 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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"Treatise with Ease"
Twenty five since eighty three,
Plus eighty thousand cease to be.
Insurgents from L T T E
left Sri Lanka with but a plea.
Kelaniya campus students attacked – thugs of leading politician of area allegedly the cause
A mini war raged in Kelaniya following clashes between students of the Kelaniya campus and some outsiders . According to reports the students were assaulted by a group of people from the village in the vicinity . When the students retaliated , the quarrel escalated into a mini battle with the whole Kelaniya area turning into a battleground.
Lies and a Tiger: How a Diaspora is Killing its Own
Editorial Note: We felt the need to publish this feature by David Becker since it reveals the realities that arose from the LTTE using the civilians as a weapon in their arsenal hoping thousands of them would perish and there would be international intervention to help grab another ceasefire. Towards this the LTTE also buried arms for future use in the jungles, some of then unbelievably very powerful military hardware. The Tamils have a just cause and it is time they addressed themselves to it in real earnest.
Wanni: Scourge of deadly landmines lie ahead
Whoever shows interests in working in Wanni or any institution or organization committed to this task must give serious consideration to the scourge of landmine blasts, an evil reality of the war that has just come to an end; hopefully peace will be sustained.
Milestone achievement of Jaffna College YMCA
This was their response to the unhealthy social conditions that were on the rise in the big cities at the end of the Industrial Revolution lasting about 100 years. This was the time of the growth of the railroads and centralization of commerce and industry. This led to a great deal of migration, as never before from the rural areas to the cities like London. People were working in the industries up to twelve hours a day and six days a week. There was social upheaval and living conditions of the workers were often pitiful and pathetic.
Kandasamy, Sri Lanka’s forgotten trade union martyr

One key observation of Kandasamy’s martyrdom June 5, 1947 was that Tamils could not detect G G Ponnambalam’s communal political duplicity even at that time when Sri Lanka was under the British and his treachery soon afterwards as a member of the D S Senanayake Government.
Wanni’s primary need: Committed Rural Social Leaders
The essence of the training is its pursuit to form leaders with conscience, competence and commitment; leaders with a clear vision and the social skills needed for the development of the tasks ahead. It is not only a training centre incorporated with the College of Agriculture of Xavier University with a time-tested programme but it is also a continuing fellowship among development workers in the field in the various countries it is focused on in the developing world.
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