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Friday, 19 October 2018
Friday, 19 October 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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The Diaspora created the Tigers; not vice-versa
Note by the Editors: While Prabhakaran had the guns and was ready to shoot anything from squirrels to the Mayor of Jaffna and also conduct bank raids and entrust the spoils with Catholic priests, the Diaspora gave him the halo of a freedom fighter. It was revenge-killing for all that happened in 1983.
Reconciliation needed after celebration
The phase of public celebration reached its climax with the victory commemoration event and military parade of last Wednesday at Galle Face Green.  In a manner that accorded with the past traditions of rulership of the island, President Mahinda Rajapaksa received scrolls from the commanders of the security forces apprising him of duties well done, and of victory, the end of war and the unification of the country.
Implementing 13th amendment through elections
Shortly after its military victory over the LTTE in the north, the government decided to call for local government elections in the two largest northern cities of Jaffna and Vavuniya.  Most of the opposition political parties have protested this urgency on the grounds that the situation in the north is far from normal and that the people are in no mood for an election.
Diaspora realities
Beware of Dirty Sethu
Sethurupan is an LTTE cowboy at large and a known friend of the failed Norwegian interests promoter in Sri Lanka, Erik Solheim. It is hoped in due course, the Government of Sri Lanka will set up a commission to study the roles of various overseas people who have in some way or other helped to promote terrorism in Sri Lanka. And also why terrorism took roots in the country.
New LTTE crooner wears petticoats
Sri Lanka Watch Editorial Note: We loved the style of the focus on a woman who should have known better than to begin her pro-LTTE campaign with the figures given by the rogue news constructor Tamilnet when the mission she was charged with under the aegis of the UN Human Rights Council was something else.
New chapter opens for LTTE media man
The notorious Tamil eccentric and a violent man, who enjoyed the patriotic support all these while for propping up the LTTE in his creative websites, and many other websites founded and managed by him is determinedly making a move as part of survival exercise to go against the LTTE that he actively propagated and used as a tool for his own financial survival all these while.
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