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Friday, 19 October 2018
Friday, 19 October 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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Fighting the PR War
The ongoing campaign by The Times to discredit the recent military victory by the Sri Lankan Armed Forces over the LTTE seems, at times, relentless. Not a day passes by without Jeremy Page, Marie Colvin or Catherine Philp lecturing on alleged war crimes by Sri Lanka.
For This All that Blood was Shed
However, what makes this defeat a catastrophic one for the LTTE is the fact that along with the Charles Anthony went almost every remaining unit commander of the LTTE, and many of their deputies as well. In a stroke, the Tigers have been virtually emasculated. The fact that the GoSL has now declared a 48-hour ceasefire over the Buddhist and Hindu New Year, is indicative of the SL Army’s confidence in defeating the LTTE in a matter of weeks rather than months.
Nineteen ’til I Die
Last night it rained. And I stood under my parents’ porch and smoked. The deluge of water on the tin sheeting drowned out everything — traffic, the neighbours, the sound of the TV. Just me and the rain and the dark, like it had been on that first night in December 1990. I stepped out from the porch, and the rain put out my cigarette in an instant.
Swine flu gone for a try
WHO’s recent declaration of a Swine Flu pandemic, much hyped media speculation about it, daily counts of reported and confirmed cases and endless awareness programs throughout the country were all in a disarray when the  National Rugby League (NRL) match between Brisbane Broncos and Bulldogs got underway last Friday.
Rebuilding relations after victories
The human rights heartland of Geneva was the scene of the Sri Lankan government’s latest victory.  The government staved off a determined effort by Western countries to launch a formal investigation into violations of human rights and possible war crimes in the last phase of Sri Lanka’s ethnic war.
Statement of a Group of Concerned Tamils of Sri Lanka
We appeal to all concerned to attend to the pressing needs of the time. We appeal to the government of Sri Lanka and all other concerned parties to allay the fears of the Tamil people and to address the dire needs of all those affected by the recent onslaught of war.
New Chief Justice Asoka de Silva welcomed by Bench and the Bar
(The new chief justice Asoka de Silva was welcomed by the Bench and the Bar on 11th June at the Superior Court Complex at a ceremonial sitting. The address of the Chief Justice Asoka de Silva to the audience on this occasion is reproduced below - editor).
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