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Friday, 19 October 2018
Friday, 19 October 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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The F.P, T.U.L.F and the LTTE
This speech was editorially quoted in the Suthanthiran, a paper owned by Mr. Chelvanayakam. Such a speech which apparently had the blessings of the Tamil leadership was a foretaste of things to come. In the succeeding years we were taught unquestioning compliance with political authority. If the F.P. or its successor, the T.U.L.F., announced a three day hartal, we had to comply and stay at home; there was no question of discussion. Anyone who did not comply could have expected some young men to come and beat him up. The seeds were sown for the growth of totalitarian militant groups and for the methods of violence they employed."
Attorney General's Department and torture - AHRC
Amarakoon Dissanayake Sarath Kumara went to the Supreme Court to complain that he was assaulted by several police officers, and was also abused by them. He was then forcibly taken to a police station where he was falsely charged and produced before a Magistrate's Court. Due to the attack he was seriously injured and had to be hospitalised, following his ordeal he has suffered headaches and pain for a considerable time. Like many who complain about torture he went before the Supreme Court and filed a petition for fundamental rights.
Dreams of Anoja
Growing up in Ceylon in the 1960s was difficult. We were growing up in a socialist experiment administered by Prime Minister Sirimavo Bandaranaike who was influenced by the leading left-leaning politicians of the time, Dr. N.M Perera and Colvin R de Silva. The power behind the throne was Felix Dias Bandaranaike. In true planned economy form the consumption of rice was restricted to three days a week, sugar and milk powder were hard to come by.
Sad tale of Canadian Tamil Congress
Note from the Sri Lanka Watch Editors in reference to the reactions of David Poopalapillai to a feature in Hindustan Times given below following their observations. Making money on the miseries of others cannot be tolerated and this self-styled so-called consultant for IDP services a certain L Jude Perera calls to question the integrity of this man especially involving a registration fee of $25. The services he offers is a matter for the various offices of the Sri Lankan High Commission and Embassies or on a purely humanitarian basis by individuals who give their services with love and compassion to their fellow beings.
Pathetic Tiger Diaspora wants to build toilets in Wanni
In Canada Tiger enthusiasts, and that means funds collectors alias extortionists of all shades are so desperate for dollars for their coffers that they are talking about building toilets in Wanni. Pathetic is not the word for it. If they are asking for funds to buy portables and send them to the IDPs camps that is understandable; even charter a cargo plane to take them there.  The ultra-Tiger Canadian Multicultural Radio (CMR) and TVI are unashamedly canvassing for funds as if it has become an addiction to exploit and even to be victims without question.
Can we end this cycle of hatred?
Note by the Editors: A common and most disturbing and repulsive sight at the many demonstrations held by the Tamil Diaspora in the United Kingdom, Canada and elsewhere in the West was the presence of large numbers of children many even holding the Tiger flag. They were influenced and inculcated to hold them with pride, a standard that spelt horrendous terrorism and that too terrorism as a means to political solutions. Their heroes were terrorists who in Wanni placed weapons of destruction in the hands of children that were glorified by the Tiger flags.
Blessed are the Peacemakers
Note by the Editors:  Sri Lankans are Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims, Malays and Burghers. They want to be one nation as citizens with equal rights. This country has been plagued by racial and religious bigots and terrorists who have fathered a demon underworld of arms running, drugs, alien smuggling and other evils.
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