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Friday, 19 October 2018
Friday, 19 October 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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Minister Gamage unhappy about Sri Lankan missions abroad
Note from the SLW editors: It has been a regretful observation of ours that most of our missions abroad are not equal to the vicious propaganda that is being carried out against Sri Lanka by certain media and other organizations in the West and the relentless claims by LTTE supporters that Sri Lanka has been and is continuing to be involved in genocide against the Tamils.
Melbourne Business College chief arrested
suspected of Tamil Tiger terror offences

AUSTRALIAN Federal Police have arrested, at the request of the FBI, a director of a Melbourne Business College believed to be linked to the Tamil Tigers over alleged terrorism offences in the US. Thulasitharan Santhirarajah, 34, is expected to face extradition proceedings after his arrest on Monday when AFP agents raided homes and businesses around Melbourne, including the office of his Melbourne International College.

Waterloo University student loses extradition appeal
A University of Waterloo student has lost his appeal to avoid extradition to the United States on charges he supported the Tamil Tigers, who have been declared a terrorist group. The Ontario Court of Appeal ruled that Ramanan Mylvaganam, who is in his early 30s and from Malton, Ont., very likely knew he was assisting the group.
Tamil tabloids con and cheat the community
Unless a community is infantile and immature or exceedingly naïve the media organizations especially the publishers of tabloids would not have prospered as they appear to have done over the years among the Tamil Diaspora. This is true of the Tamil communities in their new homelands be it Canada, US, UK, France, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Germany and Australia.
The rise of the L.T.T.E.
In early 1985, the P.L.O.T.E., L.T.T.E. and T.E.L.O. were considered fairly evenly balanced. At the time when 7 L.T.T.E. men were killed in a quarrel with the P.L.O.T.E. at Chullipuram, the L.T.T.E. preferred discretion to valour. When quarrels developed between the L.T.T.E. and the T.E.L.O., neither seldom did anything more than go out on motor bikes and take pot shots at "sentry boys" in the rival group. These sentry boys, who were youngsters with no military training and in their early teens, were usually deployed with hand grenades to throw and run if the alarm had to be raised.
The need to set aside the blatantly wrong conviction of Anthony Fernando
'Tony Fernando’s contempt of court matter merits our focus. With the retirement of the former chief justice, Sarath Nanda Silva, the opportunity has arisen for the correction of a blatantly illegal and unjust judgment relating to Michael Anthony Emmanuel Fernando, who was summarily sentenced for one year’s rigorous imprisonment on the 6th of February, 2003 for alleged contempt of court. The sentence was immediately carried out.
Government must recall its High Commissioner in Canada
A meeting of the Canadian Sri Lankan Diaspora called by the Sri Lankan Consulate in Toronto to meet the country’s High Commissioner in Ottawa, His Excellency Daya Perera at the Telus Room, Ontario Science Centre Friday June 19 was soon in uproar even as it started.  In a gathering of over 200 Canadian Sri Lankans, there appeared to be strong feelings, at least among the few who constantly held stage daring decorum, that Mr Daya Perera was not suitable to represent Sri Lanka in such an important country like Canada, let alone any country.
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