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Friday, 19 October 2018
Friday, 19 October 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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Politicing to implement 13th Amendment, with a fox in the chicken coop
The Supreme Court which was led by the President’s friend upto a month ago, Sarath Silva, has crossed paths with the GoSL on several fronts ranging from the business dealings of the government and the abuse of human rights. There has been contempt for the law by the President and his minions, even though the Supreme Court ruled in his favour during the Tsunami Funds scandal – Helping Hambantota. Rs. 83 million in donations from foreign sources being diverted to a family run enterprise.
The first steps to restoring tamil confidence
The end of the war has not brought Tamil alienation to an end.  This is not surprising because the Tamil people had grievances about their place in Sri Lanka even before the war began.  In fact the ground for the war was laid by the failure of successive Sri Lankan governments to address their grievances.
Diaspora Tamils have divorced their kith and kin
Excerpts from a letter to a friend
From Sandy Joseph

If in my backyard I have some choice mango trees. I enjoy the fruits all for myself and my family unless out of the goodness of my heart I share it with my neighbours.
LTTE's international network cracks
KP - Shylock in 'Merchant of Venice
From the Editors of Sri Lanka Watch:The Tamil Diaspora whether it is the KP Group, the Reggie Group in the UK or the Shallow Wits of Canada under the ex-alien smuggler David Poopalapillai, or the misled undergraduates who do not know where Atchuvely is and whether Nilaverai is a well or an ocean, are no more part of the Tamils in Sri Lanka.
Sinhalese and Tamils, at the War’s End pluralist countries ruptured by divisive tendencies, osmosis is the only realistic path to nation building. Over a period of time, the different ethno-religious groups need to partially move away from their particularist thinking and parochial loyalties, and, in doing so, become the creators and the constituents of a new, broader and more inclusive identity. When the task of nation building has to be undertaken in the aftermath of a civil war (which had ended not in a compromise but in the decisive victory of one side over the other), it has to be preceded by a process of healing and reconciliation.
Astrology gives UNP a lifeline amidst a new doctrine

There we were only last week saying that President Rajapaksa or the GoSL has not blinked under the constant international pressure in the aftermath of the war and the present plight of the IDP’s. But ‘blink’ they did for the most unlikely of reasons. An astrologer in Chandrasiri Bandara at the past 4 years, he surfaces.

LTTE posters in IDP camps?
Mysterious LTTE posters have appeared inside several IDP camps threatening the inhabitants and the Sri Lanka government. The posters, mainly hand-written on pieces of paper contain the following messages:
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