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Friday, 19 October 2018
Friday, 19 October 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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Nation demands an inspirational pursuit for peaceful coexistence
In his pledge Bishop Daniel Thiagarajah said:
“In my Lord’s vineyard, I am a humble servant”.
In a cordial conversation on several matters of grave concerns in the current circumstances in Sri Lanka, President Mahinda Rajapaksa and Bishop Daniel Thiagarajah, Bishop in Jaffna of Church of South India Friday July 12, 2009 at Temple Trees discussed core issues which can meet the demands of the nation to pursue the inspirational path for peaceful coexistence.
Presidential probe into Massacre of aid workers
Note by the Editors of Sri Lanka Watch: The Conclusion by the Presidential Commission of Inquiry (COI) into the killing of 17 aid workers of the Ation Contre La faim (ACF), in Muttur, exonerating the Sri Lanka Army and the Navy may have terribly devastated NGOs like the CPA.
Red Cross at Cross Roads
Agents of neo-colonial interests must be booted out
By the Editors of Sri Lanka Watch
Introduction: Wanni was for nearly two decades a terrible detention or even a concentration camp operated by the LTTE as a source of meeting all their needs especially young cadre personnel.
Pancha Pandava physicians open the Pandora Box
From the Editors of Sri Lanka Watch with apologies to the Pandavas

Our candid and upfront observation: Five Tamil doctors who danced to the Tiger tunes have placed various international organizations, media and other interests on the dock charged with false representations, fraudulent claims and even seedy, squalid and sordid support for Tiger terrorism.
Flows of Friendship
By Victor Karunairajan
Along paths I walked
All through my life
Deftly I would spear
Into the Good Earth
For a sprout of stream
A task so delightful
And indeed refreshing
To mind, soul and spirit.

In time they all became
Little streams and brooks
In gravitational flows
Laden with nutrients
Enriching their banks
Besides woods and farms
And a great many of them
In confluence, converged.
German Support for Yal-Devi to get back on tracks
From our correspondent in Germany

“All Nations Day”, which is an annual event, was celebrated in Berlin on 04th July.  This event is held under the patronage of the Berlin Senate and all the diplomatic missions in Berlin become part of this colorful occasion.
The end of Canadian hide and seek in Vavuniya
A Canadian national with Sri Lankan haritage, who had been masquerading in a welfare camp in Vavuniya disguised as an IDP, had been arrested by the intelligence authorities.
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