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Friday, 19 October 2018
Friday, 19 October 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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Dehiwela Zoo: Appalling and abominable
Note from the Editors of Sri Lanka Watch:
Those who can do something about the Dehiwela Zoological Gardens please act fast as a matter of absolute urgency to ensure this once upon a time Pride of Asia is salvaged from total disaster, and brought back to the time it was under Aubrey Weinman; that was in the 1940s and 1950s. What a wonderful educational, informational and recreational place it was and an ideal natural history park for families, children in particular.
A curious letter from a Tamil North American volunteer among the IDPs
Note from the Editors of Sri Lanka Watch: We picked this letter for its strange contents which should be obvious to our web surfers. Suresh Mather, obviously a North American citizen is now in Sri Lanka, and one can see, quite happy to be involved working for the IDPs. However, he opens up with a report of what he claimed as army fire 150 metres away with the armed sentries ducking for cover but he had no fear. He says no more about it and we are not even sure whether it is army fire or not.
Dear Minister Bogollagama, this lifestyle is unacceptable
You and your fellow ministers must be role model leaders. There cannot be any exception. Just because you enjoy the privilege of being a minister of the state and that too holding an important portfolio as Foreign Minister, it does not mean the sky is the limit when it comes to how you handle your financial needs or create grounds that demand expensive outlay of funds that are not connected with your work.
Another Toronto Tamil teen killed
Note from the Editors of Sri Lanka Watch

Over the last several months our reporters in Canada have been keeping a vigilant and watchful eye on how the Tamil young people are being exploited by certain older people especially of the Canadian Tamil Congress headed by a man called David Poopalapillai who left behind a highly questionable trail in Sri Lanka’s Eastern Province before fleeing to Canada.
War without end: Robert Templerís rehash of old hash
From the Editors of Sri Lanka Watch

Robert Templer is Asia program director of the International Crisis Group one of these so-called intention-gooder sort of dubious groups functioning in some areas of the developing countries. The Intention-gooder role is just the cover, the real intention is totally something else that reflects the interests of the west.
Letís hold President Rajapaksa tight to his promise of equal rights
From the Editors of Sri Lanka Watch

Armed movements for liberation or violence of any kind are not the path for solution for any political problem; for that matter anything that needs an amicable resolution even in interpersonal relations. Anger, hatred, domination and prejudice are an anathema and abomination to the pursuit of solutions.
Wanni heroes rewarded
Brigadier Prasanna de Silva, the illustrious Special Forces officer has been appointed Director General of Joint Training in the soon to be Office of the Chief of Defence Staff headed by 4-star General Sarath Fonseka. The 47-year old officer could also receive a promotion as a Major General. Another little-known officer appointed the Director General of Joint Planning and Development is Major General Mahesh Senanayake also of the Special Forces.
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