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Friday, 20 July 2018
Friday, 20 July 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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Operation KP to rebuild the north begins PDF Print E-mail
Vishvanath Rudrakumar was the International Legal Advisor of the LTTE for some time. He was a close friend of Prabhakaran and had taken part in several rounds of peace talks. He is a practicing lawyer holding US citizenship. The other leader of the LTTE after the death of Prabhakaran was another close ally of his Kumaran Pathmanathan and was more senior to Rudrakumaran in the LTTE.

On the death of Prabhakaran and his lieutenants, KP who was the Head of International Affaires in the LTTE temporally assumed leadership of the group. KP attempted to wrest the leadership left vacant by Prabhakaran from Kula Lumpur by addressing Tamils by satellite telephone. He combined with Rudrakuamr in America to affect a political front to the armed “Eelam” struggle. KP was unexpectedly arrested by Sri Lankan intelligence while in Malaysia. With his arrest the LTTE was in disarray again without a leader.

It was after the arrest of KP that Rudrakumar came to the fore. He immediately commenced to give the LTTE a political front. He is still re-organizing the LTTE and this in a manner that does not infringe the American Law. The LTTE members, sympathizers and the world community started to flock behind Rudrakumaran. Many expressed concern that KP might join hands with the Sri Lankan government. The Sri Lankan intelligence adopted a moderate attitude towards KP on the instructions of the Defense Secretary Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapakse. They did not treat him as a mere suspect but they thought it would be more appropriate to engage the international network and assets that KP controlled for the welfare of the Tamils that have been destroyed. KP cooperated with intelligence even if it was because he had no other options. On his information intelligence was able to bring a LTTE ship to Sri Lanka from Indonesia. Investigations are still proceeding.

Rudrakumar started a lone journey thinking that KP was a traitor and he based himself on the “Eelam government in exile” concept for the Tamils. They think that they have an “Eelam” in Sri Lanka. They have created a constitution and they have got Tamils scattered around the world to elect representatives, also scattered around the world, to implement the constitution. The voting was completed last month and by July Rudrakumar assigned duties of the “Eelam” state to various representatives. He is the unofficial temporary Head of the state of “Eelam”. Representatives have been assigned according to 9 subjects. Two persons have been appointed for Political and Constitutional Affaires. One is Ponbalarajan and the other is Murali Shivanandan. Selvarajah Selvathurai is in charge of Education, Culture, Health and Sports. Professor Selva Selvanathan is in charge of Welfare while three have been put in charge of International Affaires. Heading Foreign Affaires is Jerome Francis with Kanigasalam Dayabaran deputizing while the third person is in charge of the Media Wing. He is Eason Kulasereran. Dilukshan Morris is in charge of Genocide, Human Rights and War Crimes. Mrs Balam Bige Murugadas is in charge of Women, Children and the Aged while Ponampalam Mahesweran is in charge of Business Development. Rudrabad Segar is in charge of the Welfare of War Heroes. Mrs. Migajayamodhi Sivasodhi is in charge of releasing Prisoners of War. 12 persons have been thus assigned to 9 fields. The countries in which they reside have not been published but they are all living abroad. The security authorities must focus on identifying the people involved and trying to find out who exactly they are.

The government and diplomatic machinery has a tremendous task to identify these activists who are active from within the Tamil diaspora. Now Rudrakumar has started his attempt to gain official recognition to his dream state. The first shot has been fired with the appointment of the Ban Ki Moon committee. The committee was to investigate the alleged human rights violations that are supposed to have taken place during the final phase of the operations between the government forces and the LTTE.

Sri Lanka and some friendly nations have made a marked protest against the committee. Rudrakumar however sees it different. He thinks that the committee of Ban Ki Moon recognizes the “Elam” state in exile. He praises the appointment of the committee. He says that it was positive for the international community that did not save the Tamil people during the war to do some justice to them at least now. He said that he will offer all evidence inclusive of photographs to prove the violations and that the committee should visit Sri Lanka and obtain facts from the people concerned. The three page letter to the UN says that the group is prepared to furnish in an organized manner all facts video clips etc. that are necessary to prove hat war crimes were committed.

Mr. Moon meanwhile rejects the opposition raised in Sri Lanka to the appointment of the committee. He says that he appointed the committee after a close examination of his mandate and that the work of the committee will commence soon. He added that he rejects the letter sent to him by the Non-aligned movement that he had exceeded his limitations by appointing the committee because the movement had written the letter without understanding the facts properly.

What this demonstrates is that whether the committee appointed would visit Sri Lanka or not the pro LTTE powerblocks will do all in their power to establish war crimes allegations against Sri Lanka.

The role of Kumaran Pathmanathan has come to the lime light in the background. The Sri Lankan government is bent on getting the assistance of KP for the rehabilitation of the North East. This is indeed positive because the LTTE armed leader of the East is a government Minister and the second in command is a Chief Minister. Both were directly involved in armed conflict. KP was not involved in armed struggle but indirectly he was by supplying arms and other supplies to the LTTE.

Now KP wants to save his life and do what he can to rebuild what was destroyed. He has hence volunteered to cooperate with the government. This has been approved by the Defense Secretary Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapakse.

KP has started the process of rebuilding and it is already bearing fruit. KP invited 12 of his close friends to Sri Lanka. They were reluctant to come over fearing arrest but KP managed to convince them. The Foreign Ministry and the Defense Ministry mediated in the process.

The attended a special meeting presided over by the Defense Secretary. KP participated in the meeting with the Chief of Intelligence Mr. Kapila Hendravithrne and Foreign Minister G.L. Pieris. The meeting brought positive results.

KP told his friends the experiences he had. He said that when he was brought in the air plane after arrest he had given up on life. He said that he feared meeting the Secretary of Defense. He said however that seeing the statue of the Buddha at the entrance assuaged he fears somewhat. He told them how he has been treated by intelligence so far and hat he hopes to do. He asked for their support. The Defense Secretary told them that this was not the time to reminisce the past but a time to move forward. He said that the country had retarded for 30 years. He said that nobody got anything from the war. “We have to forget and work together. Get help from the international Tamil community and improve the lot of the Tamil people in the North East.”

Maybe the friends of KP did not expect such flexibility from the Secretary of Defense. It did not take long for them to consent. The promised KP and the Defense Secretary that they will do all they can. After the discussion they went to Jaffna and Vavuniya, They discussed with the resettled and those in custody. All agreed that the discussions were successful.

KP is a key figure to engage the assistance of pro LTTE elements and Tamils abroad in the development process in the North. It is likely that he will receive a pardon from the government for the role he plays. The role of KP has resumed and will bring a series of good news. One such event will be making known within a few days.

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