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Sunday, 15 July 2018
Sunday, 15 July 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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Will Bishop Rayappu Joseph confess his terrorist sins publicly? PDF Print E-mail
By Ivan Alvapillai
According to a feature appearing in the Sunday Times today by Franklin Satyapalan, the Bishop of Mannar, the Rt Rev Dr Rayappu Joseph wants the annual Madhu Feast to be a symbol of absolute spiritual orientation for all the pilgrims. He goes further: "They must have the spiritual attitude to pray for peace in the country and resettlement of the 300,000 or more displaced people living in the vicinity of the church".
Well said for a Bishop of the Realms but coming as it does from Bishop Rayappu Joseph, there cannot be any other reaction but one of annoyance, irritation and vexation. He has been a terrorist bishop very close to one of the most ruthless terrorist forces known in the world. His church has been heavily involved with the terrorists from late 1970 onwards and may have been the initial conduit for arms brought into the country for terrorist activities.
Bishop Rayappu Joseph talks about praying for the displaced people of Wanni. It is these people who were exploited by his terrorist friends the LTTE and that too right under his nose. Did he pray for them when their children were snatched away for gun fodder slaughter by the Tigers?
He thanks the Government of President Mahinda Rajapaksa and senior presidential advisor Basil Rajapaksa, MP, for making provision for pilgrims to make the journey possible this year. But then who made such journeys in the past impossible and why did he not take cudgels against them? Did he wish for prayers on those occasions? Did he pray at all or did he prey on them for cadre enlistment?
Bishop Rayappu Joseph was in constant communication with the Scandinavian monitors who were under that cover but serving only the Tigers. The same goes for several NGOs too and a great deal of details about how the Catholic Church was involved with the LTTE is emerging now. Soon after Prabhakaran was done with along with many of the Tiger leaders, a team of Catholic bishops rushed to Wanni under the guise of offering spiritual comfort.
But in reality the concern of the Catholic Church was focused on the LTTE escapees among the IDPs especially some Catholic priests and nuns who were serving the LTTE and among them Father Pathinathar was one. They were concerned of the Tigers among and not the people of Wanni.
Let not the Madhu Feast be a whitened spectacle for Bishop Rayappu Joseph and others of his ilk to take cover. We suggest Bishop Rayappu Joseph climbs a high stage during the festival and gives a public confession of his major iniquity to have served faithfully not God but Prabhakaran the terrorist killer of thousands of innocent people.
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