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Wednesday, 19 September 2018
Wednesday, 19 September 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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Expatriate Eelam Tigers: There they go again! PDF Print E-mail
A return trip to Washington Memorial for $40 both ways, packed mutton kottu rotties, string hopper briyanis, bottled water and washroom facilities on the buses.
By Victor Karunairajan

The Tiger remnants of Scarborough
Toronto’s North York and Markham
Flock they will for Washington DC
To celebrate Duke of York’s march
Nay, Apologies; Prabakaran’s heroism
And proclaim a Government in Exile
And flock back again across the border
To promote Tiger terrorism in Canada
Now what did the Duke of York do to be remembered by some Canadian Tamils who said good bye to Sri Lanka most by devious means that they could not tolerate the terrorism of the Tigers of the LTTE in Sri Lanka? In fact it was on this they based their refugee claims; at least nearly all of them. The real refugees are the devastated people in Sri Lanka who were victims of a protracted civil war without a political solution because the Canadian Tamil Diaspora, while helping to develop an underground LTTE network in Canada, US and even in Europe and other places involved in alien smuggling, illegal arms trade, drugs, currency and credit card fraud and other unsavory activities, placed lethal weapons in the hands of Velupillai Prabhakaran.
The toll of lives as a result in Sri Lanka was monumental apart from destruction of property, homes, farms and infrastructures. These Diaspora people supporting the Tigers are not Sri Lankans anymore. In Sri Lanka the legitimately elected representatives especially the TNA are taking up the Tamil cause in the proper way now and there is every promise of some kind of a solution that could be politically acceptable to the minority community.
But whoever is championing the cause of the LTTE in North America must be watched carefully by the governments of the US and Canada. It was there neglect and indeed even support for such organizations that enabled the LTTE in Sri Lanka to wreck the country with terror and also render the large Tamil population in Canada to cow down in fear: fear of reprisals from the Tigers who had become rooted in North Ameruca.
If only the Government of Canada ordered an investigation into the founding of the Tamil Eelam Society, the massive federal and provincial grants it received every year, how the organization was run under the total domination of the LTTE and eventually going bankrupt will reveal how terror roots were nourished in Canada. No amount of impressions given to the government helped to control this vermin.
Today the organizations like the Canadian Tamil Congress (CTC) headed by David Poopalapillai that has denied constantly as having anything to do with the LTTE are at the forefront of doing everything possible to energize the Tiger remnants. In fact they were out and out LTTE all the time. This weekend they are Washington bound in charter buses to demonstrate for an LTTE-led Tamil Eelam in Sri Lanka and to express support for the activities of the World Tamil Forum, a notorious LTTE body that promotes terrorism on all fronts.
Many Tiger remnants from other countries where considerable numbers of Tamils have made their homes, it has been reported, are also arriving in Washington to participate in the march that will take them from the White House to the War Memorial. Supporters in Canada are being taken their at a subsidized rate of $40 00 for travel both ways, food and washroom facilities. They have also said that the weather would be warm but the campaign would be so intensive that both President Barrack Obama and Prime Minister Stephen Harper will wake up to the reality that theirs is a just cause, violent or not, and the “Stateless Government” they elected is no face but a unique government, the first of its type in human history and therefore a plus point for the Tiger remnants of the Tamil Diaspora.
The War Memorial represents a place that marks victory over extreme intolerance and indeed terrorism of a kind too. It is a sacred place to remember those who lost their lives against such forces. Why should the LTTE want to despoil and abuse this memorial when they have been such a horrendous terror force in Sri Lanka and commemorate the life and times of Prabhakaran and his brand of terrorism? There are 100,000 traumatized children and young people in Sri Lanka and they have to be cared for and protected, a chance given to them to recover and help build a new hope for them. Their needs and interests mean nothing for these demonstrators now on their way to Washington.
They will come back Sunday and continue their clandestine activities for a banned terror organization and they also know the Government of Canada will not take any action against them. Twelve months later, like the Grand of Old Duke of York with his ten thousand men will go to Washington again still supporting the LTTE and may even cause a resurgence of this terror organization which will only make it impossible for the Government of Sri Lanka to trust the Tamils there. This is what these Tiger supporters want and knowingly or unknowingly this is what the Governments of Canada and USA probably wants; if so for what reasons.
However, it is appropriate to remember the Grand Old Duke of York, whoever he was because the Canadian government donated millions for such a “march” that was led by the Tamil Eelam Society, run and later run down by a band of rogues who enriched themselves illegally on the Canadian taxpayers while promoting terror interests everywhere. This must come to an end.

The grand old Duke of York,
He had ten thousand men;
He marched them up to the top of the hill,
And he marched them down again.

And when they were up, they were up,
And when they were down, they were down,
And when they were only half-way up,
They were neither up nor down.

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