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Tuesday, 18 September 2018
Tuesday, 18 September 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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LTTE duping the Tamils again PDF Print E-mail
Note by the Editors of Sri Lanka Watch: In recent months we have done extensive investigations in the North and East of Sri Lanka and came to the conclusion without an iota of doubt that the Tamils have done away with not only the LTTE but also the Tamil Diaspora in the western world and Down Under.

Most people in the Diaspora who are in the forefront of the transnational farce have been identified as those who have criminal records in Sri Lanka, known as LTTE activists and some supporters of other terror organizations, and a large number who have made their fortune in various ways under cover as fighting for the fundamental rights of the Tamils. Over a period they have built an underground criminal empire of gun running, drugs, alien smuggling and various underworld operations.

In Canada, for instance, there have been operations that enabled them to milk the central and provincial governments under the pretext of helping the Tamils and societies were formed and certain individuals amassed their fortune.The Tamil Eelam Society was a notorious swindler having milked millions its directors filed bankruptcy after stashing their fortunes in real estate and other activities. The LTTE machinery has largely aided all kinds of crimes among the Tamil youths. Apart from violence of varied nature, credit card fraud and devious bankrupt activities have become rampant.

In Sri Lanka Tamils have so much as come forward to accuse the Diaspora as having placed lethal weapons in the hands of the LTTE and thousands have been killed as a result. They have been blamed for most of the killing among the Tamils supporting a megalomaniac who only wanted to create a smuggler state in South Asia. Questions have been asked whether the Diaspora will ever come forward to help in construction activity in Sri Lanka.

The Diaspora does not seem to understand. It is the only refugee community to have settled well even before the second generation came around. How is it possible for the Tamil Diaspora to lead a highly ostentatious and opulent life in the western world? The very fact that they have devised this transnational government idea shows that they are only concerned about maintaining the underworld LTTE network and remain a great danger to Sri Lanka especially to their own Tamil people. The need situation of the Tamils in Sri Lanka is not in their concerns.

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