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Saturday, 22 September 2018
Saturday, 22 September 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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A foul flavored farce: LTTE turns pseudo-democratic in order to dupe Tamils of Sri Lanka again PDF Print E-mail

By Henri-Marie Stendhal

Within the next days, Tamils all over the world will be casting votes for a Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam. It's called "transnational" because there is no Tamil Nation - maybe with the exception of the Indian Province of Tamil Nadu.

Yet this transnational Government does not want to split this province away from India. But rather from tiny Sri Lanka. Looking at their logos, one sees the greater part of the northern and eastern coastline being claimed as the utopian Tamil Eelam - along the demarcation lines of roughly 2006, when the LTTE was briefly in charge of that area.

These are the names behind this farce to take place in most European countries: Francis Boyle (USA) Joseph Chandrakanthan (Canada) Nagalingam Jeyalingam (USA) Jeyaprakash Jeyalingam (USA) Karen Parker (USA) Palaniappan Ramasamy (Malaysia) Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran (USA) Peter Schalk (Sweden) Sivanendran Seevanayagam (Australia) Nadarajah Sriskandarajah (Sweden) Muttucumaraswamy Sornarajah (UK) Amuthu Louis Vasanthakumar (UK). Most of these people are all too well known for their pro-LTTE stance and their position on the LTTE-payroll. Only now they seem to follow a proverb associated with Mao Tse-Tung: The Guerilla muss move amongst the people as fish swims the sea.

This advisory Committee along with countless aides and secretaries and body guards held four meetings in all, the first in Zürich on 2nd to 4th August 2009, the second in Oslo on 2nd to 4th October 2009, the third in London on 3rd to 6th December 2009 and the fourth in New York on 19th to 20th February 2010. These meetings were connected with meetings of the respective local Tamil communities and with their organizations. A huge apparatus has been set up - websites, posters, flyers. Local politicians are being coerced into playing  "monitors" and "sponsors" for this election-event - too bad, the Tamil version of the leaflets say something completely different that the localized translations… This happened to Swiss councilor Urs Egger of Zürich - who now ducks his head in embarrassment; others are sure to follow.

Big questions arise: Who is paying for all these costly activities, the 5-star-hotels, the first class flights, the posh restaurants the politicians are take to? Is this all payed for from money that was taken by the hoodlums of the LTTE from the Tamil people in the Diaspora while the fighting was still on? Would it not be better to give this money directly to those - once again - they claim they are fighting for? And who gave this committee it's power? Democracy - wasn't that by the people for the people? And why did these people not encourage their own to participate in the elections held in Sri Lanka, where voter turnout was extremely low in the North?

This vote is supposed to be a strong political sign - and this is why the pressure on people in the Diaspora rises. Do attend, it reads all over, be patriotic! Wheel your granny in! Bring the kids! One year after the military defeat of the terrorist LTTE, the all shiny new LTTE emerges under new guise and in form of a "transnational Government". Yet, if one carefully leafs through the tons of well produced and costly PR-Material, it becomes quite obvious that there is a lot this ominous government with no soil of its own declares, that one has read before - under the logo of the Tamil Tigers.

Don't get me wrong. While it is very fine, that these diehard LTTEists now choose democratic means of expressing their views, while these people now claim to have left the road of terrorism and violence, they are still the same people who vigorously supported the LTTE and their killing machine, who bloodied their very hands. There are no excuses to the Tamils back home in Sri Lanka for taking thousands of them as hostage in the last days of the war. For sending their kids to certain death with a bomb attached to their belly. For depriving them of proper education and the food the Srilankan government handed out all these years. Yes, for even taking special power snack bars distributed by the UN for undernourished babies robbed away for their brainwashed cadres. No excuse for setting up and supporting a totalitarian and ruthless antidemocratic regime under a megalomaniac supremo. These are the same people who still use the funds which were collected from members of the Diaspora - whether they liked that or not. Only now do these crooks get what they deserve, because people only now feel free to talk about this to local police and security forces. Recent arrests of LTTE-members in German, France and the Netherlands speak for themselves. So what kind of freedom will the transnational Government of Tamil Eelam have to offer?

The remnants of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Ealam (LTTE) and their supporters that are well-secured in the economic and social fortitudes in the green pastures of Western Europe, the USA and Canada and Australia have betrayed the Tamil people of Sri Lanka. They were left alone to deal with the Sinhala dominated Colombo government on their own.

The expatriate patriots are still fighting a war, that is not wanted by the Tamils of Sri Lanka. Just go talk to them! And just for the record: as it is quite mingled out, who will send how many "elected Representatives" (Canada 25, UK 20 and so on) there is not a single candidate directly from Sri Lanka. Some of the candidates have never even seen their "homeland", some hardly muster Tamil properly, because they have been living somewhere in the world in third generation. Face it:  Although they want to represent Tamils in Sri Lanka, many of them have made big investments and well settled with house & property in the western world. And some cannot speak, write or understand Tamil language as the Tamils in Sri Lanka.I think this speaks for itself. Also, it is hardly imaginable that many of those candidates would leave their green pastures western homes to move into a Tamil Eelam, were it ever to be established.

So, quite obviously, these guys are setting up a transnational Government to do something else. Only the future will tell, what this agenda really is about. Only this can be said by now: it's nothing Sri Lanka as an independent state nor Sri Lankans could want.

In the meantime, president Mahinda Rajapaksa can do two things. He can fail drastically, if he and his government go on like they do. This will give any "transnational" or national pressure or party group a chance to build up power and influence (again). Or Rajapakse for once does the right thing, giving Tamils the same chances and possibilities as everyone else on the island - what he claims he will do. Then the transnational Government of Tamil Eelam will fail, it will stay as meaningless as it is, because Tamils in Sri Lanka will not want to have anything to do with - even their own - people, who betrayed them again and again. Rajapaksa has shown things that hint he is one the right track - for example he is the first Head of State to address Tamil audiences in Tamil. And they do listen. Let’s just see, what happens. Again: Rajapaksa now has the power plus he has a huge following and trust by the people who voted for him in a democratic election.

The structures of the all too well know LTTE-Front Organizations like Tamil Coordination Committee (TCC), the notorious Tamil Rehabilitation Organization (TRO),  Tamil Youth Organization (TYO),  Tamil Women Organization (TVO) or even Tamil Arts and Cultural Organization (TKCO) are still the same - headed by the same guys, who supported terrorism and utter violence for almost three decades. Do the organizers of this election want us to believe, these people have all changed over night? At least security forces in Europe do not think so - as an example you might consider the recent arrest of seven heads of these above mentioned organizations in the Netherlands. The charges: running and funding a criminal and terrorist and/or criminal organization, exploiting money from members of the Tamil Diaspora. The all too well known story - still.

Until this transnational Government cuts all its strings to the terrorist LTTE, until all their assets are laid open, until there is a really new set of believable figures standing in for the rights of Tamils in Sri Lanka, this vote and this utopian government in the eyes of the world will be known as the foul flavored farce it is. Rudrakumaran with his new utopia of a "transnational Government" is about proving that he and his kin are very far away from the reality of the Tamils living a life without war in Sri Lanka. What these people after 30 years of hardship most certainly do not need now is being duped again by their own people who lead a live in vast luxury far, far away.

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