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Tuesday, 18 September 2018
Tuesday, 18 September 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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Corrupt CACM continues its callous cackle PDF Print E-mail

By Victor Karunairajan with files from Sahana Sambanthar in the Wanni

Let the Cassocked Crook Father Jeyanesan cough out the millions that belong to the people especially children and young people.
An interesting news item appeared in a recent “Church of the American Ceylon Mission” website which is campaigning shamelessly a daydream authenticity and continuing to wear its illegitimate and misleading cloak. It said:

“As soon as the resettlement of people in Vanni begun in mid January, 2010, our Clergy and Lay People moved in to action to care the people who have lost everything and traumatized by the war.”
And continued to report:
 “The Project Manager Dr Dharshan Ambalavanar and Vanni Regional Chairperson Rev P R Navendraanugoolan along with the Vanni Project Co-ordinator Rev Rajan Rohan and dedicated clergies of the CACM visited the people and surveyed the situation.”
A notable omission in this part of the report was the presence of Mrs Vasanti Rajaratnam, the closest associate of the Cassocked Crook Father Jeyanesan who along with Dharshan Ambalavanar and the Rev Erle Solomons and a few of the so-called “Dedicated Clergies” were in the Wanni to try and seize the properties of the JDCSI especially the Kilinochchi Church. They tried all means possible including the strong-arm stuff injuring two JDCSI clergy who were working on the property preparing the church for the re-dedication service.
The reasons for such desperate moves are obvious and probably thought they can ride easy on the backs of the war-devastated people of the Wanni and find grounds to milk more foreign funds. Mrs Vasanti Rajaratnam is a ploughed-in expert in this activity and Mrs Ambalavanar has expertise by experience having worked for a Canadian organization that doles out such funds.
It must be recalled that not so long ago the Rev Rajan Rohan and a few of the clergy pretenders were chased out of Bharatipuram and Murukandy by the local people. The reasons for such a flare up of ire and indignation are not clear but they may have been, it is generally believed, due to their weakness of the flesh, the Bikini Region Syndrome.  
According to our representative in the Wanni, there was no such visitation and survey as claimed in the CACM website. There was a group that was hanging around Kilimochchi junction for a few days and harassing the JDCSI clergy and the workers involved in the church renovation work; later some kind of a meeting was held near a tank believed to have been dug out by the pigs, Pandivettiya Kulam.
It was observed that there was confidence in the group that the Colombo lady and the Canadian crony will make a difference with the local police and even the forces by talking to them in English. They did not even have a tissue of document of any right to the Kilinochchi Church while the JDCSI had all the documents just not only to the Kilinochchi Church but to every JDCSI Church in the Wanni.
At one stage Dharshan Ambalavanar had to be told by a bystander that he seemed determined to destroy whatever positive, scant they may be, his father Bishop Ambalavanar had done especially in the Wanni. He had to be pointed three stones marking the founding events of the JDCSI mission first by his father as bishop of the diocese, second by his successor Bishop Subramaniam Jebanesan and the third by the Rt Rev Dr Daniel Thiagarajah. His reaction was to cower and cringe like a coward in the back of the SUV in which he and a part of his and Vasanti Rajaratnam’s team had ridden from Colombo. They were certainly out for mischief.        
Dharshan Ambalavanar, an emotionally high-strung tsunamic character, is on a bizarre and wacky mission away from Canada. The younger son of the late Bishop Jeyam Ambalavanar, now that his clan has lost the clout with the Jaffna Diocese of the Church of South India (JDCSI) and caught wrong-footed as supporters of Father Jeyanesan, he and his kinfolk are all out to destroy it. His relatives and especially three cousins including his brother and Dharshan Ambalavanar himself enjoyed many privileges and perks. Three cousins’ children of three sisters including Dr Mrs Chandra Ambalavanar received privileges to be trained at the Vellore Medical College and none of them are serving among the people for whose needs they were selected and sent to Vellore.
One of the major problems among our people is the terrible shortage of doctors and yet none of these Vellore trained with the help of the JDCSI are there. Some who have retired are hoping to return once they are assured of comfortable life in the North and East; certainly not now when the need is at its greatest.
Dharshan Ambalavanar who can never sit still in one place for two minutes continuously and think for himself the pros and cons went with Father Jeyanesan to the Netherlands seeking funds to set up a CACM seminary in Batticaloa. This mission failed due to many reasons including Father Jeyanensan’s appetite and proclivity for female Bikini Regions and Junior Ambalavanar, the emotionally highly charged veritable trouble maker, had nowhere to go; so suddenly he becomes CACM’s Vanni Project Manager.
The Wanni needs experts not charlatans and counterfeits who cannot see the difference between a cow and a buffalo and for that matter between a palai and a vembu.
Associated with him in the Wanni mission were a number of half- and quarter-baked Bible-thumping solitary preacher types who have found refuge in the CACM, a church without any canons, tenets or code of ethics or morals. When the region went into a chaotic state many such appeared in rapid succession on the scene setting up verandah churches, orphanages and collecting overseas funds for them.
Even a man who was selling coconuts at the Chankanai Market and never a Christian became a parson and is now practicing his deceit in Canada claiming himself as one of the born again people. In the early 1990s many such visited Canada, USA and United Kingdom on collection trips and virtually none of them exist today, if at all they ever did, and some of course sought refuge in Canada.
In His famous Sermon on the Mount, Jesus issued the following warning regarding false prophets or preachers: "Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves" (Matthew 7:15).
The only two orphanages that Father Jeyanesan managed in Batticaloa have been closed following his conduct towards some of the young residents amounting to sexual harassment. He has also been removed from the management of another in Trincomalee.
The CACM website also reported about welcoming the new head of this illegal contraption and there were speakers no doubt praising him and that was none other than the Rev Annappah Jeyakumar who is only second to Father Jeyanesan as a financial fraud and fornicator. He is still to make good one million rupees cashed fraudulently from the funds belonging to the Jaffna Christian Union.
And where did he get all the alavangoes, pick-axes, mammoties and metal kitchenware in such large numbers which he packed for removal when his wife left her official residence at Vaddukoddai in January? They were obviously tsunami material meant for distribution. They even removed the fence material just before leaving the premises that belongs to Jaffna College. We hope the school principal will take note and send them a bill for the damages caused as a result of such an audacious and insolent act.
How did they store up tsunami material in such large numbers in the college premises? Our investigations indicate they were sold in small amounts to certain traders in Jaffna City from time to time. We are also aware of Father Jeyanesan dispatching loads of tsunami material to pavement hawkers in the City of Colombo.
Did anyone have the guts at this welcome function to question the millions Father Jeyanesan has appropriated that rightfully belongs to the people in whose name these funds were amassed especially for children and young people? On these collection trips Farther Jeyanesan presented himself as the priest of the Jaffna Diocese of the Church of South India.
In another meeting welcoming the Rev T Thevanesan to Colombo who has been holed up in the JDCSI Seminary in Maruthanamadam illegally holding it for three years, among the speakers one was Silan Kadirgamar, an uncle of Dharshan Ambalavanar and it was Vasanti Rajaratnam who offered the closing prayer.
Silan Kadirgamar and a church house rat Rajanayagam, a brother in law of the Rev Annappah Jeyakumar were recently felicitated by the CACM clan Jaffna College old boys in Colombo for what one is not clear. Nevertheless it was an announcement that this small group, some 30 or so are faithful to the cantankerous CACM belligerents. These HMV old students belong to a period when the clan clout was at its zenith of power and influence. Rajanayagam also suffered from BRS (Bikini Region Syndrome) and was removed by Bishop Ambalavanar from the “chargeship” of a women’s home in Uduvil.   
Coming back to the Wanni, first and foremost this region that has suffered horrendously during the civil war cannot be the playing grounds for such adventurers. The roots of the JDCSI work in the Wanni goes back to the time of Bishop Ambalavanar but the work really developed with excellent relations with the people when it came under the Rev Dr Daniel and Mrs Thaya Thiagarajah after Father Jeyanesan had virtually ravaged the community. There were quite a few untoward incidents of a criminal nature too. It came to a situation when even Bishop Ambalavanar felt he had to get rid of Father Jeyanesan from the Wanni.
Now comes Dharshan Ambalavanar, his Canadian wife senior to him and Vasanti Rajaratnam and the fraudster and fornicator the Rev Jeyakumar staking their claims to the Wanni with a team of highly questionable CACM clergy attracted by American dollars and the perks and privileges they think the Americans will bestow on them. Their report betrays how little they understand the needs of the Wanni people and so ill-qualified to speak for a community that has suffered so much and stands in need of compassion, understanding, rehabilitation, reconciliation and reconstruction.
CACM people are swindlers, imposters, quacks and con artists and morally in the mood for Klondike adventures. They will not be allowed to exploit the people of the Wanni. Let Father Jeyanesan first cough out the millions that belong to the people. 

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