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Sunday, 15 July 2018
Sunday, 15 July 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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TNA parliamentarians, a collection of confounding clowns PDF Print E-mail
By Ivan Alvapillai

An analytical review of the performance of the Tamil National Agency (TNA) parliamentarians ever since their elections will reveal the pathetic political paucity of their honour and integrity, if they have any of it in the first place. One need not go past the midnight hour to delve deep into how they conducted themselves, the various speeches they made in Parliament and outside, calls on New Delhi and Chennai and whatever else they had said, done or how they concluded themselves on just about every topic under the sun, moon and the stars.
There were people like Pathmini Sithamparanathan who took stage with some fast-farce clowns from Harrow, Middlesex in London to propagate whatever views she had at that very moment of time; and that were invariably that of the LTTE. No matter whether she spoke also in Essex, Wessex or even Sussex, her conduct was most unbecoming of a person who was elected to Parliament as a representative of a community.

These TNAs will go down in the history of not only the Tami-speaking of Sri Lanka but the entire country as a bunch opportunist clowns bereft of any sense of decorum, decency and directness and like chameleons have constantly changed their colours to tune themselves to the fences on which they perched. They were never themselves in the sense, hardly had any view they held precious as their own as benefitting the people they professed to represent.

All in all, as parliamentarians claiming to represent the Tamils, they have behaved awfully badly; worse than betrayal of what was entrusted to them by the voters. If this writer could be afforded the privilege to describe them and their performances exactly and in words absolutely precise to the very point, these disgraceful parliamentarians have searched the septic tanks of their backyards to kick the stinking material into the face of the Tamils repeatedly on many occasions.

They were, to their credit it could be said, were master masqueraders of the seasons but then they are the ones that profit from activities that go against the general consensus that aspire for the good. Political opportunists are the hyenas of the councils of powers that hang on for the carrion and equally they are the monkeys that dance to the organ grinder too. It is a kind of high wire walk teasing and cheating the people they proffer to represent.

It also, unfortunately, reflects on the Tamils who have been right along cheated by all kinds of political charlatans beginning with the criminal lawyer G G Ponnambalam who certainly knew some eye-catching, ear-pleasing and mouth-watering slogans and offers of this, that and everything would get the Tamils to dance to his tune. Within an overnight of dreams following his election to Parliament in opposition to the government of D S Senanayake, he became a member of the cabinet of his political foe and even helped in the disfranchisement of the Tamils of the hill country.

Six decades later we have had a bunch of political clowns who have also conducted themselves to perform the numbers of political opportunism. These are the guys who even sought the melodrama in the precincts of Parliament to perform a funeral scene and the man who played the dead is right now busy seeking asylum in another country. This self acclaimed “King of Eelam” is still on the pay of the Government of Sri Lanka.

The leader of the confounding TNA conglomeration is widely known as Sam the Pantham and his very name, Sampanthan facilitates he being a torch-holder to the powerful and the mighty and who has no strong and stable views of his own.

Having betrayed the Tamils at every turn, this TNA odds and ends hodgepodge should have ended their activity once their organ grinder came to grief and searched for overseas climes, the way one of them has given the lead. The Tamils do not want them and the country has no need for them.        
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