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Sunday, 15 July 2018
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K.K.Rupa Indrani is a 40 year old married woman. This incident was happened on 09.03.2010. Her brother K. K. Sunil had lodged a complaint at the Aluthgama police. Indrani also gave evidence as an eye witness. The case bearing number is CIB 11 299/276.

On 07.03.2010 three police personal from the Aluthgama police came to Indrani’s house. They were identified as Rajakaruna 14504, Subasinghe, and bearing number 90795. Both Rajakaruna and Subasinghe were in civilian clothes. They accompanied with Indrani’s brother.

 These police officers said them that the thief who had stolen their goods was arrested and they had come to take Indrani to obtain a confession. They had put Indrani, her small child, and her brother into the jeep and taken to the Aluthgama police station.

 The police officer Rajakaruna informed them that they had a warrant and that was why they had brought to the police station. He further mentioned that they would be produce before the courts tomorrow. Until then they didn’t receive any summons or police didn’t inform them that there was a case against them. The thief who was arrested according to the police was not at the police station. They came to know the name of the thief is Raththa.

 After that Indrani’s elder brother and herself were detained at the police station. They were sitting on a bench. Around 10pm one police officer told Indrani to go home and come again at around 5.30pm because it was difficult to stay there with a small child. After that Indrani came home with her child.

 On 08.03.2010 around 5am Indrani went to the police station with her elder brother’s wife. When they went her brother was in the police cell. He told them that he was put into the police cell at the moment they had gone home.

 At around 6.15am Indrani went to meet the OIC to ask why they didn’t receive summons. Two police officers who were near at the OIC’s room had stopped Indrani and asked why she wanted to meet the OIC. Indrani mentioned the reason. Then they said it was useless because the OIC didn’t know about court cases and accompanied her to the police officer Rajakaruna’s room. Rajakaruna was yet to come. There was another police officer in the room. All the three police officers told her not to get afraid because they would get a date after they produce before the courts. After that Indrani was told to remain until the arrival of Rajakaruna. She was staying in the police station until 11.30am but the said police officer would not come. Indrani’s husband also came.

 Both Indrani and her brother were taken to the Kalutara court by bus. The lawyer was hired to appear for them. He informed the courts that warrants were issued against the complainant not for the accused. The next court hearing will be on 22.04.2010. The case bearing number is 66863. On that day the person who said to be stolen the goods didn’t come to the courts.

 According to Indrani although the police had filed a case against the person called Raththa but didn’t take any action to produce him before the courts. This person is famous for theft in the area and he has very close relationship with the police personal attached to the Aluthgama police station. This person is still in the area freely.

By Chitrangi

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