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Tuesday, 18 September 2018
Tuesday, 18 September 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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Panadura South police commits torture PDF Print E-mail
Kalum Kumari is an 18 year old married woman. Her husband Palitha Perera is a 28 year old fish seller. This incident was happened on 10.03.2010.

 On 08.03.2010 around 4pm three people had arrived to their house by a trishaw. These people held Palitha and said they were from police. But they didn’t mention which the police station is. Paltha asked what the reason was. They said it was a case regarding bicycles and also mentioned they knew what he was done up to now. They had put him into the trishaw and taken away.

 At that very moment Kalum Kumari and her mother in law went to the Wadduwa police station asked about Palitha. The police said that they didn’t bring such a person. The police called the both Kalutara North and South police stations. But the answer was such a person was not at the said police stations.

 On 09.03.2010 around 7pm Kalum Kumari and her mother in law went to the Panadura South police station. One police officer told them Kalum’s husband was there.

 They allowed them to see Palitha. At that moment he was laying on a bench inside the police sell with severe difficulty. His eyes were turned red. He mentioned that some powder was put into his eyes and beaten him hanging on a beam at the very moment he was brought to the police station. He told them to rescue him.

 On the same day at 1pm three police officers who had arrested Palitha at the earlier occasion came to Kalum’s house by a police jeep. They had taken a bicycle which belongs to Kalum’s younger brother. They also mentioned that there were other bicycles and also threatened them to show where they were. Same day at 3.30pm both Kalum and her mother in law again went to the police station. At that moment Palitha was sleeping inside the cell. He woke up and came to the bars of the cell. He told them that one of the police officers who had come to arrest him poured the liquid of chili paste (Kochchi) into his eyes and face saying tell the truth. He begged them to rescue him.

 On 10.03.2010 at eight in the morning Kalum and her relatives went to the police station. At that moment also Palitha was sleeping inside the cell. He came and said they have not beaten him since the night of previous day.

 After that Kalum asked one of the police officers who had came to arrest him why didn’t they produce Palitha before courts. He said them not to try to correct Palitha because he has stolen from everywhere he goes.

 He further mentioned that various people had been coming to the police station saying their bicycles were stolen for the last couple of days. The police officers also said Palitha had stolen them. After that Kalum and her relatives left the police station because they were told to do so by the police.

 Indrani says that there were no complaints against her husband in previous occasions. The police personal attached to the Panadura South police station has detained her husband for three days and torturing him inhumanly. She further mentioned that she can identify the police officer although she didn’t know their names.

 She urged the authorities to produce her husband before courts immediately and take necessary steps to provide him proper medical treatment and also prevent fabrication of charges.

 She also claims to take legal and disciplinary action against the said police personal attached to the Panadura South police station who has detained and torturing her husband for three days.

By Chitrangi

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