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Sunday, 15 July 2018
Sunday, 15 July 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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Pancha Pandava physicians open the Pandora Box PDF Print E-mail
From the Editors of Sri Lanka Watch with apologies to the Pandavas

Our candid and upfront observation: Five Tamil doctors who danced to the Tiger tunes have placed various international organizations, media and other interests on the dock charged with false representations, fraudulent claims and even seedy, squalid and sordid support for Tiger terrorism. In view of this development, the role of the Catholic Church as having been partners with the LTTE from the days its leader conducted armed robberies in the 1970s is now being suspected as a cardinal force that nurtured Tiger terrorism in Sri Lanka. Members of the Catholic clergy were the last ones to seek their escape from the Tigers whose fate by that time was well and truly sealed for good.  

El sueno de la razon produce monstrous; in other words, according to an etching from Francisco Goya, the sleep of reason brings forth monsters. Reasoned analysis, understanding and appropriate response were all silenced in the Tamil community once Velupillai Prabhakaran started wielding his gun. It did not take long for certain parties to recognize the monstrous potential of this school dropout and delinquent smuggler; some even used him to promote their political clout without the foresight as to what happens to those who hold the tiger’s tail.

Furthermore, it is now becoming clearer that some shadowy power began to exploit the ethnic problem that has hurt the Tamils immensely and the availability of a gun-toting terrorist in the making, to conspire a major assault in South Asia to destabilize the nations of this region using Sri Lanka as the base.
Like chickens that eventually come home to roost, they are returning and their tweets and twitters are louder, even harsher, more pronounced and what they have to communicate are stories of incredible horror perpetrated on the Tamil community but to even extreme lengths on the doomed people of Wanni. They became the sacrificial goats of a seditious and subversive political experimentation to which Sri Lanka fell victim to Norway. This rich farming community as a result has been virtually shattered. As could be and as so determined and also as collateral damage the Sinhalese and the Muslims too paid terrible prices.
Conspirators wanted a killer
All that the conspirators wanted was a merciless killer of the type of Pol Pot who would also help clean up the Tamil community of its leaders so that this brigand would be the front man sole voice of the Tamils and one who could be made to perform the numbers dictated by them. Prabhakaran with his smuggling interests was the ideal man for them and they were happy to have him set up his mafia state. This was the reason why this man, as of course so determined by the conspirators, would not agree to a political solution. He was virtually demanding a good part of Sri Lanka be handed over to him. In fact that is what the masters wanted.

Prabhakaran was their chandiya, the hit man, the monstrous figurehead of the forces that had their eyes not just on Sri Lanka alone but the entire South Asia and in course of time even beyond this region. Sri Lanka’s ethnic problem afforded them the right opportunity to set their tents in the North and East and the control of the entire Sri Lankan coast was their primary plan. But for the guns he toted and the terror he ruthlessly wielded, he was a coward and one who could not take the cyanide which he forced on the thousands whose destinies he determined and such determination was callous, pitiless and cold-blooded. He has caused the slaughter of thousands of Wanni children and if this is not genocidal what else is then?

Urged, paid, bribed and corrupted journalists from the West prepare their features even before they arrive in Sri Lanka if at all they ever arrived. The way Channel 4, the BBC, Times Online and a few others were reporting on Sri Lanka was pathetic parroting the views of the pro-LTTE Diaspora and totally ignorant of how the people of Wanni were exploited and ravaged for nearly two decades by the LTTE.

Sleep of Reason
The first sign of sleep of reason among the Tamil community was that no one dared to ask why the Catholic priests were his loot keepers following Prabhakaran’s bank robberies in the 1970s. Secondly, who actually was behind the assassination of Mayor Alfred Duryappah? Why did  the Tamil community not react against the killing of such a good man? One by one Prabhakaran began to decimate people who were somebody in the community and also the leaders and members of other Tamil liberation groups. There was no public outcry against such horror; worse, on the other hand he was being built up as one worthy of becoming a legendary hero.

Beginning with the Norwegians, there were a number of NGOs who were meddling in the affairs of the country and since their skin colour was such, the Tamils slept without even a snore not knowing that some, if not many of them were involved in destabilizing Sri Lanka. Some of the employees of the ICRC during the late 1980s were Red Crossmen by day and Tigers by night and have participated in the looting of the Jaffna General Hospital. Their loot like beds and other equipment ended in Wanni. The Allen couple who came to Sri Lanka as NGOs turned out to be spies and the Catholic Bishop of Jaffna eventually helped them to leave the country. If not gods at least the white men were considered angels even if their intentions were satanic; and with most of them, it was satanic.

There is a popular belief in Jaffna that if you want to please the whites from the west you have to sycophant and toady them; they as civilized and we as tribal and backward and believe in all what they say whether in command or as experts on everything under the sun. A certain priest, who participated in herding the people of Wanni as human shields, is known to have raised millions in the US simply by such devious pretense and none of his collections have been transparent. He feels no reason to be accountable and such is his deceitful temerity, he knows the community in which he functions sleeps.  
When the Civil War came to an end and displaced people were being brought to the camps, the first ones to rush there were the Catholic bishops. Obviously, they had their good reasons with many of their clergy close to the Tiger leadership. However, when one analyzes the role played by the Catholic bishops of the region, there were reasons to believe they were more concerned of the shadows they had behind the LTTE. It was common knowledge that Catholic priests and nuns have been engaged in herding the people to march towards Mullaitivu giving civilian cover to the Tigers who were fleeing from the Armed Forces that were in hot pursuit.

Funereal Varnam in Parliament
Which journalist from the west or even Amnesty International, the ICRC, the UNICEF or even Navaneetham Pillai’s Human Rights Commission flare up in anger about the way the people were marched by the LTTE through jungle country and the terrible privations they suffered? Did the pro-LTTE Diaspora even shed a tear for them, forget about Pathmini Sithamparanathan’s funereal Varnam in Parliament.   

Even before the Armed Forces crossed the Elephant Pass, the Tigers had begun to prepare for the next Eelam War sure there would be a ceasefire should the Armed Forces enter the Wanni. In order to regroup and re-form they had buried deadly weapons in various places in the Wanni jungles as well as incredible hordes of gold ornaments and massive bundles of currency notes. People like Gopalaswamy and Nedumaran who obviously made their millions gave them false hopes that Tamilnadu will help them at least to ensure a timely ceasefire and placed great hopes on the BJP winning in the Indian federal elections. Even the concerted demonstrations held in the west by the pro-LTTE Diaspora had this intention as its goal. They were orchestrated in sheer desperation to save the Tigers from extinction.
They were also sure that the global Catholic interests will stand by them and hence people like Navaneetham Pillai, the foreign ministers of France and Great Britain and those of such organizations as Amnesty International, ICRC and media institutions like the BBC, Channel 4, and Times Online shamelessly began a series of strenuous effects to damn the Sri Lankan government. While the US and UK can plague and plunder Iraq and Afghanistan in the name of fighting terrorism thousands of miles away from their countries, it was as if Sri Lanka had no right to fight the world’s most ruthless terrorist force within the country with the barest minimum of danger to the civilians. Which other country in history has ever carried out such a rescue operation of civilians of such large numbers forcefully used as human shields?  

Wriggling Worms and Awful Stink
But unfortunately for all these folks, the five doctors who spilt the beans have in the process opened the Pandora’s Box and all kinds of horrible worms are wriggling out releasing an awful stink on them. We were sure of what we have been claiming over the last four years in respect of the horrendous realities in Wanni. All the aforesaid individuals and organizations freely used whatever data and information that came from these doctors during the war and tailored their conclusions to fit in with their pernicious preconceptions. These doctors collected their wages from the government but propagated the falsehood spun by the Tigers to desecrate and demolish the image of the government.

Dr Shanmugarajah in particular has been identified as a pro-LTTE doctor for some years now and he could have just like other government officials kept the government informed of what exactly was happening in the Wanni. His claim at this time that he was forced to conduct himself in the manner he is doing now is unacceptable.

The confessions of the doctors are sadly too late because all the anti-Sri Lankan forces will now claim they were forced to recant their earlier reports about how the Armed Forces were being responsible for the attacks and killings even though any person with some sense of honesty and integrity will know that these reports were dishonest, devious, deceitful and were intended and channeled to give a global impression that the Government of Sri Lanka was determined at genocide against the Tamils.
The regular reports of the movement of the Armed Forces, the slowing down of their march when it was all clear to finish off the LTTE all because of the civilians held as human shields, the efficiency they showed to help in their escape in their thousands and the work of the medicos of the army were all obvious to any one. Have we ever seen a Tiger cadre hugging a child and even lovingly feeding an infant or leading the elderly holding their arms through the shallow waters of the Nandikadal like how the army medicos did making sure they were safe from the cowardly bullets of the Tigers?

It was these medicos who ensured that Wanni will not be totally denied a new generation to rebuild this great agricultural region. They are literally their foster mothers who freed them from the jaws of Tiger terror. Who is the agent of genocide, the LTTE or the Government of Sri Lanka?

It was suspected all along that these doctors now trying to play the game that they too were victims of the Tigers, only treated the injured Tigers at their hospitals; the civilians were not availed of it and were even forced out and at times shot dead mercilessly.

Even the role of the ICRC has to be questioned. Most of whom they helped to take away were the injured Tigers themselves on the recommendation of these doctors. We have reports of one such case where a Tiger trained doctor and who was in their service, used her influence to get her active Tiger husband out of the No Fire Zone aided by the ICRC. This doctor is somewhere in one of the IDP camps even now.
The claim that the LTTE has been seizing medical and food supplies meant for the civilians is an old hag of a story; it was too common an occurrence in Wanni and they have been doing this for the last fifteen years. There have been two classes of people in Wanni. The locals on whom these terrorists lived and exploited them to the hilt and the other, the  modern day patricians mostly people of Valvettiturai who were settled in various areas. Most of the arms, gold and bank notes buried were in the areas like Asikulam, six miles from Vavuniya where the pro-LTTE and Valvettiturai patricians were settled.
What is heart-rending, even sardonic and scathingly mordant is that these Tiger patricians simply plundered and ruined the Wanni people who have over several decades developed this region as Sri Lanka’s richest agricultural territory and even took efficient care of their water and wild life resources. One even wonders whether in the scheme of things of the LTTE promoters the impoverishment of the people was one of the major objectives.
Subidcham Reports
The LTTE virtually destroyed a generation of Wanni young people. When we took this up in our Subidcham Reports three years ago and challenged the UNICEF to take a convoy of coaches to Wanni and rescue the children and young people conscripted by the LTTE, nothing was done and even Members of Parliament like Pathmini Sithamparanathan who is shedding buckets full of tears in the House, never shed even a drop for them at that time. Her tears remind us of the professional mourners that used to be a tradition at the funerals of the rich and the powerful in bygone decades.
MP Sithamparanathan made a habit of being a terror propagating activist of the LTTE in her travels abroad. That she could choose this circumstance to cry in Parliament to say the least is disgraceful if her deception and duplicity could be tolerated. After all, MP Sithamparanathan and her colleagues will go down in the history of the Tamils of Sri Lanka as opportunists of the intense types who salaamed the most ruthless terrorist force in the world that brutalized its own people for their own selfish gains. In order to ensure they got what they wanted they were the masquerading monkeys that danced to the cowardly organ grinder who himself was the Lord High Executioner for the force that was behind the LTTE.
The stunning but hardly surprising revelations of the five doctors however come as no surprise. Doctors Shanmugarajah, Varatharajah, Sathiyamoorthy, Sivapalan and Pallavan will certainly do anything now to safe their skins and return to their families. But can they ever account themselves to their conscience, their obligations as doctors to the people they had to treat in Wanni but hardly did and opted to serve the Tigers and even helped then to escape by the ICRC boat which was intended for the civilians and not for the terrorists.

Repeatedly medical supplies and food have been faithfully delivered by the government to the people of Wanni even during the last days of the war under very risky circumstances and yet the doctors continued to help giving the world a false impression. They damned the Armed Forces who were doing an excellent job of helping the civilians to escape while they as doctors denied them treatment, and damned the Government of Sri Lanka that had firmly instructed the army to show utmost restraint in respect of the civilians.

Wretched and Pitiable
Even their claim mow that they are cooperating with the government is wretched and pitiable. These are doctors considered the highest of the professional class that the Tamils always aspired for their children. Yet here are five of them when challenged of their integrity they fall miserably like the pins in the bowling lane. If these chaps could behave like this, what chance did the poor farmers have against the voraciously brutal Tigers? How come people like Navaneetham Pillai, Millband and Kouchner fly their kites high on the reports of these cowards; and Channel 4 and BBC make much of it?
If this be so why is it wrong for the Government of Sri Lanka to keep such journalist deviants who had scheming intentions away from the IDP camps where even now Tiger cadres are in hiding as civilians? Based on the kind of data Navaneetham Pillai, the UN Human Rights Commissioner used from the LTTE news constructor Tamilnet, the United Nations Secretary General must demand from her a Report of Honour whether she had in anyway compromised her office. If she had been so dishonest to depend on the Tamilnet for her information, she could have been party to the interests of some South African arms suppliers to the LTTE. In other words, there is every suspicion she has betrayed the trust placed on her and may have even gone all out to support LTTE terrorism.
As for the British Foreign Secretary John Milliband he conducted himself like a cat on a hot tin roof unable to digest that the Colombo leaders treated him like a bug on a nit and the same goes for his French counterpart whatever his name is which of course is immaterial. They are all the same unable to appreciate colonialism has been a dead force for a few decades now and nations like Sri Lanka will never grovel to them.

Sri Lankans who will do that are the types that have made themselves a nuisance in the streets of Paris, London, Toronto, Washington etc having taken a one-way ticket away from Colombo. Those guys love the vicious, violent and the brutal and have already put their young ones on the road served by the Tiger underworld elements that nourish them on drugs and fraud.

Creation of a Special Court
The Sri Lankan Government is well advised to constitute a special court to deal with all cases rising from terrorism. Even the doctors and whoever assisted them and officials in Wanni paid by the government but served Tiger interests must be brought before it and given a fair trial and face consequential decisions within the framework of the laws of the country.

We have reports of the man who masterminded the bombing of the Ceylon Telegraph Office (CTO) Sithamparapillai Varatharajah who was working as Inspector of Telecommunications at that time and known as IPT Varathan. He disappeared into thin air soon after his dastardly act killed many people. He was with the EROS at that time. But when EROS under Balakumar joined the Tigers, he suddenly reappeared in Wanni as a Grama Sevaka in Mullaitivu. But this time he was no more Varathan or Varatharajah but Sithamparapillai Arulvarathan.

The real Arulvarathan, his brother, is no more in Sri Lanka having claimed refuge in France. In other words the CTO killer is now a Grama Sevaka using his brother’s name and identity.

How many such criminals are operating under the cover of other peoples’ names? These must be inquired and also other officials who may have misused government supplies meant for road constructions and other public utilities. The PWD under the Ministry of Highways must have been the largest supplier of materials for the construction of the eight airstrips, luxury bunkers and the mansions for the LTTE high-ups. The LTTE leaders lived a cushy patrician life and they had the Bishop of Mannar, the Rt Rev Rayappu Joseph as their “spiritual” guide and the one from whom the NGOs, INGOs and the Scandinavian monitors no doubt took their directions.

Bishop Rayappu Joseph and Prabhakaran shared an epicurean delight most avidly. They were both fond of turtle flesh and it is said, they together nearly caused a drain on this protected species.   
There were Father James Pathinathar and the lesser clergy to help them with public relations matters and even providing information to foreign agencies of the types who became exposed during the Civil War determined to represent the Government of Sri Lanka as intending to rid the country of the Tamils. In conclusion, it must be stated to the credit of the Catholic Church that they have openly demonstrated their support for the Tigers but what mystifies is as to why a church that preaches peace and harmony should support the ruthless Tiger contraption.
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