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Tuesday, 18 September 2018
Tuesday, 18 September 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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German Support for Yal-Devi to get back on tracks PDF Print E-mail
From our correspondent in Germany

“All Nations Day”, which is an annual event, was celebrated in Berlin on 04th July.  This event is held under the patronage of the Berlin Senate and all the diplomatic missions in Berlin become part of this colorful occasion.

Berliners get an excellent opportunity to experience the various cultural aspects of these different countries and also to purchase or just discover the many authentic products of these countries.
For the for the ninth consecutive year, the Sri Lankan Embassy in Berlin took an active part in this event.

The Sri Lankan Ambassador to Germany, Mr. T. B. Maduwegedera and his staff had organized a program in the Embassy premises.  Out of many deferent features, the raffle draw to collect funds for the reconstruction of the Yal Devi railroad from Colombo to Jaffna was the highlight attraction which caught the attention of everybody who visited the Embassy.

The doors of the Embassy were opened to the German public at 10 a.m. and a notice worthy fact was that Sri Lankans belonging both to Sinhala and Tamil communities took part in this program.

Famous Sri Lankan artists domiciled in Germany, Ariyadasa Kandage, Gamini Danwattege exhibited their paintings and K. Paramlingam who had his Copper creations on display managed to draw big crowds.  Hungarian national Aranka Chandrasiri had a collection of her exquisite illustrations of the Island’s Buddhism, Culture and Landscapes on display, as well. A wide array of Sri Lankan products like Tea, Precious Gems, and Ayurvedic Products were also on sale.

Mesmerizing Sinhala and Tamil dance performances were performed by the students of the Shri School and Ms. Sathyakanthan Shuthri performed an authentic Tamil dance, which was a novel experience for all present.

Visitors were able to taste typical Sri Lankan Food at food stand prepared and sold by the “Sri Lankans against LTTE Terror in Germany”. The proceeds from these food sales would be contributed to the “Api Venuwen Api” Fund.

According to Embassy sources well over 1500 Germans and Sri Lankans (Sinhala & Tamil alike) have visited Sri Lankan Embassy in Berlin which focused Uthuru-Mithuru (Friends of the North) event at the All Nations day. Ambassador and his Staff invited Ven. Rambukwelle Devananda the Chief incumbent of the Berlin Sumbodhi Vihara to give his blessings for this day.

A Raffel lottery “Uthuru Mithuru” organized by the Sri Lankan Embassy to collect funds for the Yal-Devi project in Sri Lanka, and the drawing of this lottery was carried out by the Sri Lankan Ambassador, His Mr. T.B. Maduwegedera at 6 p.m. last Saturday.

First prize was a return ticket to Sti Lanka for 2 persons, second, and Third prizes were accommodations at 5 Star hotels in Sri Lanka with round trips

Sri Lankan Air, the Tourist Board of Sri Lanka, the Tea Board of Sri Lanka and Travel Agents, Kumara Reisen in Cologne were the sponsors of the prizes for the first three winners of the lottery.  The winners of 4th to the 13th prize won Precious Gems collections sponsored by Serasinghe Gem Merchants in Ider Oberstein Germany.

Glimpse from the All Nations Day at the Embassy of Sri Lanka Berlin


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