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Wednesday, 19 September 2018
Wednesday, 19 September 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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Hopes of ending University Ragging PDF Print E-mail
From the Editor of Sri Lanka Watch. The new set of regulations to Universities is a step that was long due. Better later than never. It’s a step in the right direction.

University students in future will be asked to sign a document assuring that they will not engage in any sort of ragging activities till they complete their study programs. It will make them very clear for what are joining the Universities.

Only after this procedure the students would be absorbed into universities. If any student is found to commit ragging during his or her period of estate, severe action would be taken against him or her. They would also not be able to continue their studies.

The stricture to be jointly enforced by UGC and Ministry of Higher Education has received commendable welcome from various sections. Stern disciplinary action will be taken against undergrads who were found engaging in ragging after placing their signature as per the new regulation, said Prof. Gamini Samaranayaka, head, UGC. Our student community is influenced by various external elements including craziness over western world culture and cultural decay.

This measure would bring an environment for a disciplined student population who are the future pillars of this country.

There is no doubt the new plan to prevent ragging in universities would give peace to those who are anticipating university entrance.  The threat of ragging is in many students who have got university entrance. They are threatened to face teasing of senior students. Especially students who got through their Advanced Levels with Good Z score are not applying for universities due to ragging. It is a very unfortunate.

Though the Government and the managements of the universities have taken steps to prevent ragging which would affect new students physically and mentally, are unable to put a full stop for such incidents.

Managements are unable to take action without eyewitnesses or complaints against those who rag new students as new students never come forward to make a complaint against senior students.

Many students have even lost their lives due to the ragging.

It is in the interest of the public and gives hope for everyone. It must be implemented not only to Universities but to all educational Institutions – including schools.

Sri Lanka should have Zero tolerance for Ragging in educational institutions.

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