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Sunday, 15 July 2018
Sunday, 15 July 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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LTTE's international network cracks PDF Print E-mail
KP - Shylock in 'Merchant of Venice
From the Editors of Sri Lanka Watch:The Tamil Diaspora whether it is the KP Group, the Reggie Group in the UK or the Shallow Wits of Canada under the ex-alien smuggler David Poopalapillai, or the misled undergraduates who do not know where Atchuvely is and whether Nilaverai is a well or an ocean, are no more part of the Tamils in Sri Lanka. They have to date only spelt their ruin arming the Tigers and bloating the bank accounts of KP and other international criminals from funds force-collected and weighed themselves heavily on the foolish dream of Prabhakaran who only wanted a mafia state. The solution to the ethnic problem will come from the people of Sri Lanka.
The Tamil Diaspora will have no voice in it; should have no voice having been indirectly responsible for the thousands killed in Sri Lanka. An in depth investigation into the activities of the pro-LTTE Diaspora will only reveal all kinds of fraudulent adventurers, ego-centrics and those heavily involved in criminal activities who used the Sri Lankan ethnic issue to enrich themselves and the Tamil Diaspora has been ravaged by these scoundrels and charlatans.
Remember Twelfth Night, these Shylocks only made the non-LTTE Diaspora mere Sir Andrew Agucheeks and Sir Toby Belches. It will not be long before the Tamils in Sri Lanka will tell their Diaspora kith and kin “leave us alone.”  

LTTE's international network operated by the fugitive Kumaran Pathmanathan alias 'KP' has totally cracked with the Tamil diaspora overseas and former LTTE ransom collectors withdrawing from the 'new found' LTTE of Pathmanathan, reports reaching Colombo from Canada said.

The latest episode of the so called LTTE of Pathmanathan has being described by the Tamil diaspora overseas as the Shylock in 'Merchant of Venice', with KP trying to grab funds already in possession of several LTTE fund raising men during Velupillai Prabhakaran's time.

KP, using the internet facility, it is said had threatened several LTTE businessmen in Canada, London and Germany to transfer funds into an account in a South East Asian country to rebuild the organisation. Those in possession of huge LTTE funds in those countries have refused to comply with KP's demand, the reports said.

Many of them have initiated massive business enterprises in those countries with the ransom collected from Tamils overseas when Prabhakaran was alive. Prabhakaran himself had approved them by name to start businessess in those countries to stabilise revenue to the terror outfit.

Those who command those business ventures under their individual names have reportedly told KP that the LTTE was no longer in existence after the death of Prabhakaran and they would not follow any orders given by KP.

Reports said that the LTTE in the past had collected over US dollars 50 million quarterly from LTTE sponsored business ventures from Canada alone.

Those opposed to KP have warned him not to mislead the Tamil community again by making unrealistic dreams of 'transnational governments' in exile and to stop issuing statements through the internet while in hiding.

Meanwhile, in another dramatic development in Colombo, the Tamil National Alliance (TNA), once known as the proxy of the LTTE has now completely disassociated itself from the terror outfit, according to a TNA Wanni District parliamentarian. "We are keen to represent the Development & Reconciliation Committee (DRC) of President Mahinda Rajapaksa to help the Tamil people to seek resolutions to their grievances", he noted.

He said the LTTE was no more active or functional in Sri Lanka and they (the TNA) had nothing to do with or to contribute to statements made by LTTE's Pathmanathan of a 'transnational government' in exile. "We and our people suffered for more than three decades because of a separate state dream and now we look to the future to live as Sri Lankans', he opined.

Courtesy: Government Information Department
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