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Tuesday, 18 September 2018
Tuesday, 18 September 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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Navi Pillay is a law unto herself; UN should sack her PDF Print E-mail
From the Editors of Sri Lanka Watch
The continued anti-Sri Lankan vehement arrogance of the United Nations High Commissioner Madame Navi Pillay must be checked and brought under control by the United Nations. Having begun her onslaught against Sri Lanka using data supplied by the infamous LTTE news constructor, the Tamilnet, she has still not appreciated that her figures were wrong and therefore any conclusions based on them have to be faulty. Evidently, her dog has two tails front and rear and no head.
Now there is a serious complaint against her that she is being a major obstacle between Sri Lanka and the United Nations Human Rights body. According to Sri Lanka’s Human Rights Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe, her statements have not made it easier for Sri Lanka to gather support for the people to work closely with her office. Minister Samarasinghe said: “I want to work closely with her office.”
Evidently, Madame Navi Pillay has her own good reasons privately not to make this possible and obviously, she does not want her office to become informed of the ground realities in Sri Lanka. If one analyzes the stands she has taken and the statements she has made, there is great deal of suspicion as to her integrity. She must know truth will hurt and in her case, it could even cost her position.   
The office she holds is not her private realms and this she seems not to understand. She is also skating on highly dangerous thin ice and will have to be very careful. The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam were very well known for paying for favours done and that too very generously. An officer charged with such awesome responsibility must be above even suspicion as to her motives and in this respect, she has certainly placed herself in a position where her integrity can be challenged.

Minister Samarasinghe has told her very firmly that she is  not helping them to facilitate a programme by her office where they could compliment the efforts of the government to promote and protect the Human Rights of its people. This is a very serious contention that the United Nations cannot ignore.
The minister said: "I made it clear to her that an Office of the High Commission of Human Rights was not warranted in Sri Lanka at the moment. There is a senior advisor representing the High Commissioner's Office working within the ambit of the UN country team and sending regular reports to the High Commissioner's Office. What more does Madame Pillay want in Sri Lanka?
It was reported that Madame Pillay came under criticism from India when she called for an inquiry into abuses in Sri Lanka's civil war after such a move backed by the western countries failed to garner support at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva last month. India also rapped her saying that she should not abuse her position to pursue hidden agendas against Sri Lanka.
It is not only whatever may be her hidden agenda that is in question but also possibly her hidden motives based on hidden factors that energize her against Sri Lanka. This lady ought not to hold this position anymore.
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