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Wednesday, 19 September 2018
Wednesday, 19 September 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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A blessing for the North People PDF Print E-mail
A-9 road is now opened around the clock for transportation. This is also one of the benefits that Tamils got soon after the conflict against the terrorism is over. Though the A-9 was opened just after the conflict, there were some controls as there were land mines buried by the road. Now the land mines were disposed of and all blocks were removed.

People of North had under gone many hardships when A-9 Road had been closed; they were unable to come to Colombo or go to East on any errand. They had to wait many days to travel by plane and it was very expensive. One way ticket costs more than 15,000 rupees. Now the situation has changed.  Any time any one can travel from Jaffna to Colombo in luxury buses for less than 2000 rupees. This is a blessing for the people of North.

When A-9 was closed, those who undertook trade on dry fish and fish form North to South were affected severely and now they could uplift their economical standard. They are also free of all taxes which they paid for LTTE and they are free to transport goods without any obstacles. The government has taken steps to develop the railway track up to KKS. Minister of transportation's Dallas Alahapperuma has given priority to develop the railways and rebuild the railway stations. We must accept that the transportation is being developed in North as it was in the past.

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