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Tuesday, 18 September 2018
Tuesday, 18 September 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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Gen. Fonseka releases his election Manifesto PDF Print E-mail
At a ceremony held yesterday(07) at the Hotel Ceylon Intercontinental, presidential candidate Gen. Fonseka  presented his election manifesto before the leaders of the all religious organizations. He released it one day after he was able to secure the support of Tamil National Alliance – TNA, the Sambanthan wing. The manifesto ‘Vishvasaneeya Venasak’ (Believable Change) which consists of 10 main pledges contains his political approach on the forthcoming Presidential election.
The 10 pledges are:
1. I will restore democracy and win peace
2. I will eliminate fraud and corruption
3. I will help families become financially secure
4. I will ease the cost of living
5. I will start a process of national reconciliation
6. I will restore health services and I will revive and invigorate education
7. I will empower women
8. I will provide jobs for our youth
9. I will lay the foundation for a just and disciplined society
10 I will safeguard the security of the nation.
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