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Tuesday, 18 September 2018
Tuesday, 18 September 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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“We Support without any conditions” - TNA PDF Print E-mail
TNA leader R. Sambanthan stated at a press conference yesterday that the Tamil National Alliance decided to support the opposition common candidate Gen. Sarath Fonseka unconditionally.

This press conference was attended by 13 out of 22 MPs of the TNA. He also said that the TNA made this decision without pressure from India or anyone else.

The following are some of the questions raised by journalists and answers given by the TNA.

Question: What are the benefits the TNA expect by supporting Gen. Fonseka?

Answer: The President never tried to find a decent political solution to the northeast crisis for the last four years and he has also failed to grant the rights of Tamil people. Also the HSZs have made over 100,000 Jaffna people live else where and another 1,500 families are also stuck in Trincomalee. These were necessary then to prevent mortar attacks on Palali but today it is not so. However we do not expect to fulfill any condition by supporting the general.

Question: You alleged from the opposition those days that lakhs of Tamil people died due to the war and also said that then army commander Gen. Sarath Fonseka is responsible for those. But you are supporting him today to become the President. Why is that?

Answer: I was the only person who spoke in the Parliament about people killed during the war and those days the supreme commander was the President while Gen Fonseka was the army commander. The President is still there and the general is an ordinary citizen now. It was only the general who said in Anuradhapura once that why can’t a minority person become the President in this country? The President never said such things.

Question: Karuna and Pillayan, who were with the LTTE once, are now supporting the President. What is your stance about it?

Answer: Karuna and Pillayan left the LTTE and formed their own parties. They do not use their heads, but we used our brains and made a decision about our people. We do not have to support the President just because they do.

Question: One of your own people is now a presidential candidate. What do you have to say about it?

Answer: That person is not supported by Tamil people in any way. The person you spoke of also attended the TNA meeting yesterday and this party will make a decision about him soon.

Question: What do Tamil people feel about the situation in the north?

Answer: They are happy because there is no violence in those areas any longer, but are unhappy because the President has not given any political solutions to the problems of people. The President made wrong decision to de-merge the north and east, which is also a violation of an International agreement.

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