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Sunday, 15 July 2018
Sunday, 15 July 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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Fonseka breached Military discipline PDF Print E-mail
Minister of Mass Media and Information Anura Priyadarshana Yapa says the Former Army Commander, Sarath Fonseka had breached military discipline by making a treacherous statement. This was stated at the weekly cabinet news briefing yesterday.

According to Minister Yapa, Retd. Gen. Fonseka has spoken to Tilvin Silva of JVP what he should do when he was to face the US Internal Security Department for questioning. Tilvin has advised him to return back without answering any questions.
Minister placed the question for thought to the press whether this was discipline and also made queries as to whether a person who claims to have maintained his dignity behaves in such a manner.

He further said that there is a danger of creating a negative image on Sri Lanka among the friendly nations, as a result of Fonseka’s statement.

Everyone is aware that Sri Lanka was able to defeat accusations leveled against her on human rights in Geneva. Some countries who made accusations against the country voted in favor of Sri Lanka.

The Minister said that chaos has surfaced as a result of this treacherous statement. He queried whether it is possible to trust a person who does anything to gain positions.

As to Minister Yapa’s view, one of the reasons for the opposition presidential candidate Fonseka to get angry with the Defence Ministry was when it had refused to accept military equipment worth US$ 222,392,635 which General Fonseka had wanted to import from China on August 3, this year, long after finishing the fight against LTTE.

He said Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa had had no choice but to turn down the request as a load of military hardware. It was neither necessary nor a priority requirement almost three months later.

Minister  Yapa accused Gen. Fonseka had given different versions at different times in different places because of his large enmity towards the government. In one occasion in Anuradhapura he suppose to have said that he had left the army because he could not stand the corruption and waste that the government was responsible for. Then in an interview with the Indian magazine “Outlook” he had expressed that he left the army after the refusal of his request to recruit another 100,000 to the Sri Lanka Army. Thirdly Gen. Fonseka had told a Weekend newspaper that the government was angry when he refused to accept a load of military hardware from China imported without his knowledge after the war.

Cabinet spokesman Minister Anura Priyadharshana Yapa said that the truth remained un-assailed and undamaged whatever General Fonseka said or did in his vendetta against the Rajapaksas and the government.
“Now it is up to the independent public to judge what is true and what is false,” said Mr. Yapa.

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