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Wednesday, 19 September 2018
Wednesday, 19 September 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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Fredrica Jansz still mum over the voice tape. PDF Print E-mail
In a media conference held today at Colombo, the Gvt Media Spokesperson and Parliamentary Minister Anura Priyadarshana Yapa was involved in some heated word tussles with media personages regarding the demand of the voice record of Sarath Fonseka’s sensational interview with the Sunday Leader. Yesterday, K.D Lalkantha the JVP Mp demanded the voice recording of Sarath Fonseka’s interview. The Gvt spokesperson said they are concerned more on the eminent threat of Sri Lanka facing war crime charges in front of International courts rather than on voice recordings presented by Fredrica Jansz or any justifications made by the Sunday Leader. “ We have no inclination to question Fredrica Jansz or the Leader Editors regarding their publications. That would come down the law under media harassment” However the minister explained that there were many instances when the Gvt refused to except or comment on articles of Fredrica Jansz’s reportings.

He also refuted the allegations made by a journalist on secret understandings between the Leader Editor Fredrica Jansz and the Government.

The minister vehemently refused further claims of the Gvt publicizing the Fonseka statements and trying to gain advantage over the situation for personal political benefits. “ We have never sunk to such lowly grade and never will”

The next question regarded on an advertisement of President Mahinda Rajapaksha in Lankadeepa weekend news paper which directly advertised Sarath Fonseka’s statement in the Sunday Leader and slammed him for betraying country secrets and display of treachery. The journalist inquired if this is not exploiting the plot for personnel benefits. The minister counter inquired whether it is wrong to point out treachery and betrayal when it is evident of such display.

Meanwhile K.D Lalkantha in a JVP rally held in Colombo today said the Gvt is deliberately overlooking the corrections done by the Sunday Leader over the inaccurate perception the article conveyed. He also said the Gvt had inscribed Sunday Leader as a Kala Pattaraya(Gossip Rag) on many accounts in the past. “ Yet it had become the Gvt’s trusted news supplier and National News Paper overnight)
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