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Saturday, 22 September 2018
Saturday, 22 September 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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Gen. Fonseka agrees to TNA demands PDF Print E-mail
R. Sambandhan MP, Mavai Senathirajah MP and Suresh Premachandran MP all from the TNA had met the leader of opposition Ranil Wickramasinghe and the common opposition candidate General Fonseka and had discussed the problems Tamil community are facing and on the solution to the ethnic problem last night (22nd).

The TNA members have also had an hour long discussion with SLMC leader Party leader Rauf Hakeem about the problems that Tamil and Muslim community have.

Sri Lanka Watch learns from sources close to UNF that at the end of the meeting common candidate Gen. Sarath Fonseka has agreed to most of the demands tabled by the Tamil National Alliance, including the removal of all high security zones on the north and east, reduce the number of defence camps in the north and east, release over 12,000 Tiger suspects held in detention under a common amnesty etc. etc.

The following were the demands of the TNA.
1. Release 12,000 Tiger suspects held in detention under a common amnesty.
2. Remove all high security zones in the northeast.
3. Reduce the number of army camps in the north and east.
4. Find a political solution to the ethnic crisis.
5. Resettle the displaced quickly.
6. Provide them with all necessary facilities.
7. Construct houses they need.
8. End all planned resettlement that is being done in the east.

Prior to the meeting with Fonseka, Sambantha had called for a meeting of all 22 members, but only 12 members showed up for the meeting. According to MP Ariyanethiran, the TNA is yet to meet President Rajapakse. The TNA parliamentarians will be meeting again among themselves on the 4th of Jan. 2010.

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