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Friday, 20 July 2018
Friday, 20 July 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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Sri Lanka is being screwed up by some international press agencies PDF Print E-mail
Note from the Editors: Enough is enough, they must get down to realities and cease from indulging in malign and mischief. Sri Lankan diplomatic missions must be alert and active against such evil propaganda.

Our diplomats must take pride in what we have achieved against such brutal terrorism and stand ten-feet tall amidst the minions determined to control and devastate the developing world further. We need the types like the late Dr Krishna Menon of India who kept such kinds at bay and under control during the early years following India’s independence. We need people of the stature of Dr Colvin R de Silva and Senator S Nadesan; certainly not the types of Daya Perera in Ottawa and his deputy.

By Jayan Devendra for Sri Lanka Watch

The United Press International (UPI) which boasts of one hundred years of journalistic excellence has its headquarters in Washington DC and has offices in Beirut, Hong Kong, London, Santiago, Seoul and Tokyo and that much for its selective focus and obvious discrimination. These are all capitals of great prosperity including Chile’s Santiago and are the bulwark of the west’s exploitive capitalist system.
According to UPI’s claim its website has 2.8 million visitors every year and the figure is on the rise. This is interesting because the test of its integrity suffers very poorly in what it has published today (June 23 from Colombo) obviously as a UPI feature in respect of Sri Lanka.

This feature captured the eyes of this writer as a stark attempt to whip up a totally false information on what is happening in Sri Lanka and further aggravate the terror factor that caused so much destruction to the people of Sri Lanka immaterial whether they are Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims, Malays and others to whom Sri Lanka is home.

It even makes a false assumption about the Tamils of Sri Lanka. This contention is best quoted here:
“Many of the Tamils were originally brought to the island nation from India by colonial British in the past two centuries to work as laborers on tea and coffee plantations. Their assimilation has been problematic ever since and became worse after Sri Lanka gained independence in 1948.”
The UPI feature is a pathetic attempt to serve certain interests of the west especially the arms trade and also the need to keep South Asia and for that matter the whole of the developing world in destabilized circumstances. How these interests are relating themselves to the way Sri Lanka took the terror devil by the horns and cast it in the bowels of hell gives an idea of what must have been causing havoc in the developing countries of Asia, Africa and South America to serve only the vested interests of the west. In this they have, in respect of Sri Lanka, the well-established and the living-in=luxury pro-LTTE Tamil Diaspora that is happy to stooge and sycophant them. This is the new generation of the Brown Sahibs salaaming their old masters.

The pro-LTTE Diaspora, to begin with are cheaters. They are not the real refugees in the sense, they used Sri Lanka’s racial riots as an excuse to get to the West and like the Indian community from Uganda that fled Idi Amin have established themselves extremely well within a decade and a half and are now bent on a revenge war against Sri Lanka because of the 1983 racial riots that was orchestrated by a pro-western capitalist President Jayawardene. The real refugees are in Sri Lanka and the thousands languishing in the camps in Rameshwaram in Tamilnadu, India.

Ironically, almost all the Tamils who made refugee claims in Canada, US, UK and other western countries blamed the LTTE for their predicament and yet they have been supporting the very terror group from whom they fled that has on two major occasions and several other lesser instances used their kith and kin in Sri Lanka as human shields. It came to such a push that the pro-LTTE Diaspora and some western organizations including some media agents appeared shamelessly hoping that thousands held as human shield would perish to save the terror chief Prabhakaran and his band.
No wonder the Government of Sri Lanka was very selective as to who should be allowed to have access to study the situations in the IDP camps. It also came to the notice of the Armed Forces and the government that some volunteer INGOs and NGOs have been actively supporting the Tigers and that also accounts for the kind of technology that was made available to the LTTE over the years.
As to the IDPs, it must be understood that for almost four months the Tigers marched the people of Wanni out in the open and exposed to the elements of the weather through farm and jungle country and they in their thousands had little food, water they picked up along the way and the open areas for nature calls. They had to leave behind their livestock and their homes which the Tigers mined as they marched towards the eastern coast to their final fortress of Puthukudiruppu. Why was the pro-LTTE Diaspora silent at that time and so too news agencies like the UPI, Channel 4, BBC, CNN and the foreign ministers of the UK, France and Sweden?

UPI’s feature follows this comment and it is obvious that it is an example of such interests and the pro-LTTE Diaspora along with certain organizations of the West feeding each other in a constant exchange of devious and deceitful material to each other. Just last evening the Government of Sri Lanka announced the building of some 350 thousand houses in the north and repairing 175 thousand also, all in the same province that have the  districts of Mannar, Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu that were virtually destroyed by the LTTE. Demining of these areas are on the fast track and the relaying of the railway track destroyed by the LTTE is already in progress.

Though much is needed, the establishing of the IDPS so quickly to meet an unexpected rush of thousands for refuge and succour has been a Herculean task achieved and is constantly being improved. Hundreds of Tiger cadres have used the flight of thousands from the LTTE so efficiently aided by the Armed Forces and they needed to be screened and taken to places for inquiry with the government determined to rehabilitate them. Even a pro-LTTE Member of Parliament sought escape from the LTTE and was identified by the civilians in the camp to which he gained entry.  He was obviously used by the LTTE during the final days of the war to relay false information that regularly appeared in the rancorous LTTE website Tamilnet which has been quoted by the UPI article.
The UPI feature also makes a pathetic claim that the government efforts to provide school facilities and telephone links is a sign that it intends on making the camps a permanent feature. Had they not provided this, perhaps the UPI would have argued that even these were denied. This is not Gaza and the districts of Kilinochchi, Mullaitivu and Mannar have been emptied of people force-marched over a period of four months as human shields and they have homes to go back. What is the point in keeping these people in camps? Surely the UPI writers are not so dense unless what is intended is mischief and playing up to the pro-LTTE Tamil Diaspora to go for the next fantasy, the provisional government of Tamil Eelam.

What is interesting is that this is a further challenge to President Mahinda Rajapaksa to show the world as to how to expose the forces in the West that have over the decades caused so much harm to the people of the continents that were for five hundred years routed by the western colonial powers. In Sri Lanka this terrible neo-colonialist rampage of the centuries will stop and the signs for such to happen have unsettled these powers. The pro-LTTE Tamils who never cared for their own people especially their children and young ones when they were cruelly conscripted by the Tigers including the suicide bombers are today the willing agents of these western interests.

Sri Lanka has come through a deadly kiln of racial riots and exploitive vested interests of the West and is fast forging a new nation that is in the process of founding. When one sees how the people of the villages in the mainly Sinhala districts are participating to help the IDP folks even with what little they have to spare in some cases, we see a great future for Sri Lanka. Such spontaneous human and compassionate acts cannot and will not reach the desks of the UPI because they do not serve their intentions that amount to malign and mischief.

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