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Tuesday, 18 September 2018
Tuesday, 18 September 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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Canada Encourages more overseas visitors to Sri Lanka PDF Print E-mail
Canadian High Commissioner for Sri Lanka says he recommends all Canadian citizens to pay a visit to Sri lanka and encounter a truly different vibe of natural and cultural dynasty.
“I could hardly advice other Canadians not to travel here when my Family and I would take the advantage of the holidays to spend time in the tea country and the south” says Bruce Levy, the High Commissioner. Canada having reflected upon the newly reinstated peace and the development progress of the country in the aftermath of the 3 decade old war had changed their travel report regarding the opinion of Sri Lanka. The Canadian Embassy in Colombo says the Travel Report no longer recommend visitors to avoid unnecessary traveling in Sri Lanka. “ The new wording of the travel report speak to the reality that Sri Lanka has entered a new era with the end of the active conflict with LTTE.” Reports Bruce Levy.

He also commented on the rapid growth of the tourist sector which received a mega boost with the end of the war. He discloses of more and more Sri Lankan Canadians and expatriates returning to visit their families and for investment related plans. “ They will be joined by others who will be attracted to the potential Sri Lanka offers for tourism experience”

Mr. Levy says Canada with it’s traditional holiday destinations such as Mexico Caribbean, USA and Europe will receive an experience of unimaginable difference and be pleasantly surprised within the relatively small land mass of Sri Lanka.

Needless to say the recent statistics of the tourist sector in the country had shown an unprecedented level of improvement even amidst the global financial meltdown. Visitors mostly from Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Europe and North America had contributed for the escalating growth.

It is also a common site these days to behold plenty of white skinned travelers from the far seas enjoying the warm suns and the wide smiles of the Sri Lankan in the heart of the country, Colombo and other tourist attractions.

With the opening of the Northern and Eastern country, the untapped and most wonderfully preserved tourist attractions will be revealed for the adventurous and lovers of sceneries. Sri Lankan coastal line with  notable beaches such as Unawatuna, Pasikuda and Hikkaduwa is considered as few of world’s most incredibly breathtaking beeches offered to all lucky travelers planning for a visit to Sri Lanka. New strategies have already been implemented for the coastal development in the country.

Hill country is also monitored for tourism with the misty mountains, vast tea plantations, hiker trails, world renowned rain forests and historical castles and temples. Excavation sites of past civilizations with incredible structures and buildings aging more than 3000 years are also under the final stages of construction.

Northern foreign Investment projects are already under process with the first major post war investment conference ‘Biz Pact Investment forum’ to be held in Jaffna this week. This conference will provide a unique linking of big business in Colombo, regional SMES, international investors from over seas together with the business community of North and East.    
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