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Tuesday, 18 September 2018
Tuesday, 18 September 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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Ranil campaigning in the North PDF Print E-mail
From the Editor of Sri Lanka Watch: Opposition leader Ranil Wickramasinghe was in Jaffna last weekend for the election campaign.
It is hard to believe that the people of Sri Lankan will buy his statements as he is campaigning for a person who does not belong to the UNP, who is named the 'Common Candidate'. 

Although it has been said that Fonseka the common candidate or the not so common candidate and UNF has a MoU, no one knows the content of this MoU and no one has seen it either.  Makes one wonder why it is kept such a hush, hush document.

It is also known to some in the political scene that the so called “Neo-Liberals” in the UNP, does not approve of Gen. (Retrd) Fonseka’s candidature. Actually they are not “Neo-Liberals”. They have no clue about liberalism. They are a bunch of die hard Ranil supporters who pretend to be Neo-Liberals. Added to that, the secretary of Mangala Samaraweera, Mr. Ferdinand was a former die hard JVPer, who campaigned tirelessly for Mahinda Rajapakse during the 2005 presidential election.

There is no guarantee that Gen. (Retrd) Fonseka would accomplish the promises Ranil goes around giving. Fonseka might affirm again that he is misquoted by UNF. Ranil’s hope of winning the hearts of the people in Jaffna for the victory of Fonseka is like pie in the sky. Well, in the highly unlikely case he wins, according to which party policy will he work, UNF or JVP?  To say that these two parties are poles apart it is an understatement.

While he was addressing the Jaffna media, Ranil said in Jaffna that the A-9 road will be open for everyone, but the irony is that the A-9 is already opened for travel & transportation. People are traveling through A-9 in semi-luxury vehicles.  Making such silly statements, as if suddenly woken up from a deep slumber, is typically Ranil.

According to a prime time radio broadcaster in Colombo, it was reported on Monday morning that Ranil distributed the Tamil sister paper of 'The Sunday Leader' which carried the interview by Sarath Fonseka, which was a betrayal of the entire country, in Jaffna. It is not the first time Ranil has given support for such national betrayals. Does anyone remember the media coverage for Safe House in Millennium City?

Ranil must not forget that, during his rule people had to pay taxes to the LTTE whenever they crossed the areas which were under their control. LTTE didn’t even permit the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka to travel on A-9. To sign the MoU with this Terror group LTTE, Ranil went up to Vavuniya as Prabhakaran didn’t allow him beyond Vavuniya, but Ranil as we all know is sans any shame or  self respect.

This was the peace in Ranil’s time in the north and the east.

Now the people of this country - especially in the north - are enjoying real freedom that has downed after 30 years. People are using the A-9 without any restrictions, while those who suffered under the LTTE’s control are now breathing freedom in the air. Resettlements of the IDP's would finish before the 31st of January. Hereafter no Mothers, Fathers, Brothers and Sisters will be forced to give a loved young family member to become a child soldier. Widows will not have the destiny of ending up their life as human bombs. And no worries regarding anything as all infrastructure facilities are being built in Vanni. The child soldiers of yesterday are attending school now. They are sitting for GCE exams today. These children are the future builders of the north. They will take over Sri Lanka to be a better place.  

It is true that not everything is good in Sri Lanka. There is much more to be done. But listing to the front runners of UNF, one stops to wonder Was Kosovo re-built within three months? How long are the Germans re-building Afghanistan with their NGOs and Troops? Yes, there is corruption, there is intimidation, there is misuse of power, Police brutality etc in Sri Lanka. Well were all these things not there when the UNP was in power? Is Ranil suffering from Alzheimer? Is there no Police brutality in USA? No corruption in Germany? No intimidation in Italy? Are there no Human Rights violations in Singapore? And misuse of political power in Great Britten or even in the UN?

Is Sri Lanka the only place on earth suffering from all these weaknesses?

Instead of running around the world spreading lies about Sri Lanka, Ranil Wickramasinghe must open his eyes to see how people have started to live in dignity in Jaffna. There are so many developments social and economical which Ranil is not willing to admit because of his egoistic petty politics.

All these changes came after Mahinda Rajapakse became the President. Sri Lankans with gratitude remembers him just as they remember the spring while drinking water. After being a looser for 14 times and keeping up high hopes for the 15th time, Ranil will have to accept the fact that people in Sri Lanka are enjoying this freedom and facilities merely due to a man who became the president with a backbone - Mahinda Rajapakse.

So the dawn of North is possible with a courageous man such as Mahinda Rajapakse.

Here are few glimpse of the proof.



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