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Tuesday, 18 September 2018
Tuesday, 18 September 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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„We have not misquoted Gen. Fonseka at any stage” – Federica Janz PDF Print E-mail
Giving a telephone interview to the Derana TV Channel in Colombo the editor in Chief of Sunday Leader says “We have not misquoted General Fonseka at any stage”.

She added that the retired general met with her an hour before he met the press on Monday. He has assured her that she has not misquoted him and there was no wrong impression created by the story as it was absolutely right.

Quoting from Ms. Janz' statement to the Ada Derana news telecast the retired general had mentioned to her that there had been a political fallout due to the facts mentioned by him in the interview, since he is running for the forthcoming presidential election in Sri Lanka. However, the retired gen. had said that he will not deny his statement to the "Sunday Leader", at any time.  

After the assurances given to Ms. Federica Janz, however, the retired gen. Sarath Fonseka, who is the common candidate of the UNF, said at a hurriedly called press conference on Monday, that the readers could misinterpret the facts mentioned in his statement because of the way they have been written. Therefore he hopes the journalist who wrote it would correct the mistake. He further said on Monday that he takes total responsibility for everything that happened during the military operations against the Tamil Tigers right throughout the war and he also added that no field commander acted in violation of any international law and that no Tiger leader ever came with white flags to surrender during the last few days of the battle in Wanni.

Watch the Ade Derana Interview with Federica Janz

Watch the Presidential Candidate Fonseka at the press meeting after meeting with Federica Janz


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