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Tuesday, 18 September 2018
Tuesday, 18 September 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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“Rumor Mongers Scavenging for stories” : Sajith Premadasa PDF Print E-mail
Sajith Premadasa the prominent UNP parliamentarian refutes the ongoing rumors of his speculated disapproval for the candidature of Sarath Fonseka. When inquired whether the spreading rumors had any truth behind them, he said “ The UNP had taken an unanimous decision to support Sarath Fonseka for the upcoming Presidential Polls. There is no such rift as the media is speculating. Everyone is keen to support Fonseka.” Sajith Premadasa, the son of late UNP President Ranasingha Premadasa was rumored to have been requested by the inside UNPers opposing the Wickremasngha Regime to step in to the Party leadership and also to contest for the Presidency under the Elephant symbol. Sajith Premadasa had trampled such claims.

However the speculations had resurfaced with his well pronounced and prominent silence in the ongoing “hot on the heal” election campaigning. His continuing absence on the podium in UNP rallies had made some ‘rumor mongers scavenging for stories‘.  

When inquired of the truth in the story of an inside decision to hand over the vacant position of Chief Organizer to him after S.B Dissanayaka’s abundance, Sajith said he had not been informed of such decision. “I think it’s one of those spreading rumors.”

Answering to the question of his acceptance if he was presented with Chief Organizer, Sajith said, “I am here to serve my country and the people of Sri Lanka. Specially the people of Hambanthota have a high esteem and trust in my deliverance of service to them. I think, such acceptance and gratitude from my people is the best ever position anyone can ask for.”
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