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Tuesday, 18 September 2018
Tuesday, 18 September 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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‘Defense Secretary's permission must be saught even to buy a compass’ says Fonseka PDF Print E-mail
“The recent allegations of my involvement in a so called war equipment scandal are completely unfound” says Sarath Foneka.  A report giving details of Sarath Fonseka’s dealings with a war equipment manufacturing company named Hicorp International, which has been also linked with his son-in-law, was presented to the Government earlier this week.

According to the report, a number of was war equipment had been ordered under the signature of General Sarath Fonseka, although as the report claims, a complete irrelevancy, considering the then gradual smoldering of the war. Replying to this allegation, General Fonseka said,

 “When the higher positions order you to sign a document for the sole purpose of obtaining war equipment, it is my duty to do so. An ordinary corporal or sergeant cannot sign a legal document of that sort. The army commander himself must do so. What’s illegal is that such confidential documents concealed and protected under war secrecy being presented in front of a parliament and subsequently to the whole world.”

 Refuting the claims of Hicorp International being owned by his son-in-law, Fonseka said that such a company does exits even in Sri Lanka. “My son-in-law has nothing to do with it.”

Sarath Fonseka further explaining said, “It is compulsory for the defense secretary to hand out his approval to import an order as colossal as a ship full of ammunition. A specified gazette had been drafted listing the relevant war equipment that has been registered under ‘Lanka Logistics’ the only war material importers of Sri Lanka. We have no authority to import any war material outside the reach of Lanka Logistics. The Defense secretary alone can sign the legal documents to buy such ammunition.”

 Fonseka stating more said, “I as Army Commander had the legal rights to order ammunition up to 25 million rupees. That does not even slightly reach up to the cost of the alleged ammunition ship. So how could I have ordered it under my powers? Equipment categorized under Lanka Logistics could not be brought under the authority of the army commander. Only the defense secretary can buy these. A grenade, a T-56 bullet and not even a compass can be brought by the SL army”

 “It could also be stated that no interaction or tender notifications had been exchanged with the Hicorp International by the Gvt of Sri Lanka.” Fonseka said.



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