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Friday, 20 July 2018
Friday, 20 July 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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Political Detainees without proper evidence released PDF Print E-mail
President Rajapakse has requested Milinda Moragoda the minister of Juridical and juridical reforms to take action to release those political prisoners who are detained without proper evidence but on suspicion alone.

This direction comes from the President after the parents of the boys and girls that are detained on suspicion alone. This is viewed as the first step to normalize relations with the affected Tamil community.

Around 650 suspects are detained under terrorism prevention law and Minister Moragoda, has discussed with Mohan Peris, Attorney General to expedite the legal procedures, says the report further.

Meanwhile a group of 49 LTTE suspects kept in the Vavuniya prison began a fast demanding their release.
They have been taken into custody in connection with various crimes such as having in their possession suicide jackets and their involvements in some recent explosions. There is one female and a Sinhalese among them. The Sinhalese person had been arrested when a claymore bomb and several army equipment were found in his possession. According to the prison authorities the fast has been organized by this Sinhalese detainee and the entire group demands unless charges are brought against them, to release them. However the same sources revealed that owing to the prevailing situation the security of the prison has been tightened.

Deputy Minister for Health Vadivel points out 50% of the 700 detainees kept on suspicion at Boossa detention camp are from Badulla while Deputy Minister Rathakrishnan had discussions with the senior presidential advisor Basil Rajapaksha on the release of these detainees who are kept there on suspicion.

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