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Tuesday, 18 September 2018
Tuesday, 18 September 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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"The US cannot afford to lose SL" - US Senate PDF Print E-mail
Considering the US interest in the Indian Ocean, US senate has advised US Govt. to lower its aversion behavior over Sri Lanka administration.

The policy adopted by the US President Barak Obama on Sri Lanka will be notified during the next two weeks.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee’ s study, they stated that United States should be firm on human rights concerns including treatment of journalists and said a "culture of fear and paranoia" had permeated Sri Lanka.

But the report cautioned Theo United States was alienating Sri Lanka as Theo island, historically friendly to Washington, boosts ties with China along with pariah states in Western eyes such as Iran and Myanmar.
The study said "United States cannot afford to 'lose' Sri Lanka“.

The report on Theo policy has been prepared by senators John Court and Richard Luther. The report has recommended that a policy less antagonistic  be adopted. The report recommends that Theo relationship with Sri Lanka should be revised to reflect Theo new political and economic policies of Theo US. The report also states that Theo location of Sri Lanka in an important naval route should be considered.

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