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Tuesday, 18 September 2018
Tuesday, 18 September 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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Government must recall its High Commissioner in Canada PDF Print E-mail
A meeting of the Canadian Sri Lankan Diaspora called by the Sri Lankan Consulate in Toronto to meet the country’s High Commissioner in Ottawa, His Excellency Daya Perera at the Telus Room, Ontario Science Centre Friday June 19 was soon in uproar even as it started.  In a gathering of over 200 Canadian Sri Lankans, there appeared to be strong feelings, at least among the few who constantly held stage daring decorum, that Mr Daya Perera was not suitable to represent Sri Lanka in such an important country like Canada, let alone any country.
It is very regretfully expressed by this writer that it is his observation Mr Daya Perera certainly lacked the kind of charm, warmth and friendliness expected of a diplomat. He was quick to anger, arrogant and expressed what appeared to be an intolerant nature, rather quickly and without thought that he is a diplomat representing a country.

However, there wasn’t anything to be admired of those who tried to disturb the course of the meeting and even demanding that a resolution must be passed against Mr Daya Perera indicating that he should be sent back to Sri Lanka.

The meeting was called to brainstorm as to how best the Canadian Sri Lankan Diaspora could help in the rehabilitation programme of especially the IDPS and participate in the post-LTTE  development of Sri Lanka. Many people in the gathering were disappointed because a lot could have been achieved if there were no such interruptions.

There was clear evidence that the assembly had people who held that view and even more, to be partners in the progress of the country as one Sri Lankan community without any racial or religious penchant or partiality. Unfortunately, Mr Daya Perera lost the harmonious rhythm of what it is to be an ambassador of a country at the very start of the meeting itself. He was easily provoked and that was sad.

What was even more unfortunate was the dynamic plan of development that the Government of President Mahinda Rajapakse has undertaken, the details of which were presented by Mr Upali Obeyasekara and it merited discussion with hope and pride.

While this writer expresses disappointment at the way some people behaved on the floor of the house, His Excellency Daya Perera could have conducted himself as one befitting the important office he holds. May be the Government of Sri Lanka should recall him and retire him to pasture.

By Samanthi Ranawickrema
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