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Tuesday, 18 September 2018
Tuesday, 18 September 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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Wars shouldn’t be won for family benefits - Fonseka PDF Print E-mail
The war wasn’t won for the advantages of family benefits. Yet members of such family are already attempting the task, General Sarath Fonseka said in a press conference held yesterday. Pointing out the current and prospective mud slinging campaigns against him Sarath Fonseka claimed that many are trying to wash the dirt off the Government. Insisting that the mud slingers wouldn’t have the slightest chance to tarnish his image, Fonseka proclaimed that he would direct the pinnacle of his efforts to restore our motherland of democracy and social and cultural ethics.

He also testified that adequate changes of the political constitution will be fulfilled and the 17th amendment would be fully implemented once he obtained the presidency.

Last week Sarath Fonseka announced the much speculated decision to contest for the forthcoming Presidential Election finalized to be held on January. In a press conference held on Sunday Fonseka said he will be campaigning under the symbol of the Swan as the common candidate from a newly registered party.

Meanwhile Gotabaya Rajapaksha stated that international conspiracy is originated to nominate Sarath Fonseka to contest the election. Some countries and organizations opposing the present governance of Sri Lanka have hatched the plot to destabilize the political and military arenas, the Defence Secretary said.
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