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Tuesday, 18 September 2018
Tuesday, 18 September 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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UK and Canada refuses to let SL host Commonwealth summit PDF Print E-mail
Canada has opposed to support Sri Lanka in its bid to host the next Commonwealth summit in the upcoming 2011.get-together of Commonwealth Governments.  The decision was made in an effort to allow relief workers to access refugee camps in the war devastated areas, Dimitri Soudas, a spokesman for Prime Minister Stephen Harper said on Friday.

This statement from Canada has been conceded in spite of Sri Lankan Government’s already proclaimed access to 58 relief organizations in the war torn areas including the UN sub commissions.

The initiative was taken a while back by UK when the Government refused to support Sri Lanka’s bid to host the prestigious event in 2011. A British government source said the pronouncement was put forth on concerns over Sri Lankan Government’s conduct of the war against Tamil fighters also known as LTTE, a branded and an internationally recognized terrorist organization.

Leaders of the group of 53 nations, mainly former British colonies, meet in Trinidad and Tobago from Friday and one of the issues to be discussed is who will host the next summit in 2011. Sri Lanka is one of a number of countries bidding to host the next summit.

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